Thailand enters rainy season on Friday

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Thailand will officially enter the rainy season on May 13 as winds prevailing across the country 3.5km above ground have changed into a southwesterly direction, while winds 5km and above have changed to a northeasterly or easterly direction, The Meteorological Department said on Wednesday.

Thailand enters rainy season on Friday

This will result in an outbreak of continuous rain in most parts of the country.

The department also forecast that this year’s rainy season, which normally ends around mid-October for upper Thailand and mid-January for the South’s east coast, will see 3 per cent more rainfall than normal, but overall rainfall will be slightly lower than last year’s.

The department warned that a dry spell could occur from mid-June to mid-July, whereas August and September would see the most frequent rainfall.

It suggested farmers residing outside irrigation areas plan their cultivation accordingly.

During August and September there is a high probability of tropical cyclones moving past upper Thailand, bringing heavy to very heavy rain in several areas. People in upper parts of the country are warned to expect flash floods, water runoff and bank overflows during this period.

As for the weather forecast for Thursday, the department said moderate southerly and southwesterly winds prevail across the country, while a low-pressure cell covering upper Vietnam will result in continuous rainfall and isolated heavy rains over Thailand. People should beware of the severe conditions that may cause flash floods and overflows.

In addition, tropical cyclone Asani over the central Indian coast will not directly affect Thailand but cause moderate winds across the country, the Gulf and the Andaman Sea.

Published : May 12, 2022


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