Chadchart chooses Klong Toei district for first mobile meeting

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New Bangkok governor Chadchart Sittipunt chose Klong Toei district as the location for his first mobile meeting on Sunday. Chadchart plans to hold mobile meetings in all 50 city districts to gather first-hand information from local officials on urgent problems.

Chadchart chooses Klong Toei district for first mobile meeting

Before chairing Sunday’s meeting, he visited Klong Toei’s Chalerm Pra Kiat Somdet Ya Public Park learning centre to take part in a tree-planting activity – part of his policy to plant one million trees around Bangkok to filter dust pollution.

During his visit Chadchart sampled locally grown organic vegetables, which he recommended as a healthy alternative to chemical-grown crops. He also tried a herbal drink made at the centre and sowed rice seeds in a demonstration paddy field.

Chadchart told reporters he decided to hold his first meeting in Klong Toei because it has the country’s biggest slum community.

The governor said over 20,000 complaints have been filed by Klong Toei slum dwellers via the Traffy Fondue Smart City platform app and 3,000 had been taken care of. He added that some problems were outside the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s jurisdiction but the BMA would coordinate with government agencies to solve them.

During the meeting, Chadchart instructed Klong Toei district officials to prioritise three policies.

First, they must reject corruption and work transparently.

Chadchart chooses Klong Toei district for first mobile meetingSecond, they must boost their efficiency and use technology such as Traffy Fondue app to solve problems quickly.

Third, they must serve the people rather than caring about the governor’s feelings.

Chadchart chooses Klong Toei district for first mobile meetingMeanwhile, Chadchart said a BMA survey had found that about 120,000 crash helmets were needed to protect students who ride pillion on motorcycles to school.

He said that to save city budget, he would try to procure the helmets via company CSR activities to improve safety on the school run.

Published : June 19, 2022


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