Kids getting hooked the biggest worry as Thailand legalises weed

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Most Thais are worried that children will get addicted to cannabis now that it has been decriminalised, the results of a survey released on Sunday show.

Kids getting hooked the biggest worry as Thailand legalises weed

The Public Health Ministry removed cannabis from the list of prohibited narcotics on June 9, allowing it to be used for medical purposes and as a cash crop.

However, Bangkok governor Chadchart Sittipunt issued measures on Thursday to ensure there is no access to cannabis and hemp in schools after four people were admitted to hospital for suspected cannabis overdose. One patient died of heart failure later.

The Public Health Ministry also announced that the sale of cannabis to people younger than 20, pregnant women and nursing mothers is prohibited.

The National Institute of Development Administration (Nida) conducted a poll from June 13-15 on 1,310 respondents aged 15 and above. The respondents hailed from different parts of the country and had different backgrounds.

When asked for an opinion on the legalisation of cannabis:

• 34.81% strongly agree as cannabis can generate income and cure diseases

• 24.89% strongly disagree as cannabis can have an impact on children and do not believe the government can control consumption

• 23.74% moderately agree as cannabis is more beneficial than harmful

• 16.56% moderately disagree as people will get addicted or misuse the drug

Worries over the use of cannabis among children:

• 42.44% definitely worried

• 29.62% moderately worried

• 16.95% definitely not worried

• 10.99% moderately not worried

Cannabis is best used for:

• 34.95% for medical use

• 31.15% for recreation

• 22.21% as a food or beverage additive

• 12.59% for commercial use

Experience in using cannabis:

• 34.05% not tried

• 31.15% have tried

Of the 432 respondents who tried cannabis:

• 60.65% consumed it in food or beverage

• 30.52% have smoked it

• 21.06% used cannabis for treatment

• 6.94% have cultivated cannabis

• 1.39% have processed cannabis for sale

• 0.23% have sold cannabis

Published : June 19, 2022


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