Pattaya to host cannabis festival in September

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Pattaya will host an international cannabis festival in September to promote the seaside resort city as a hub for the plant-related health tourism.

Pattaya to host cannabis festival in September

The CISW Cann Festival Thailand 2022 is scheduled for September 9-11 at Central Pattaya department store.

It is a collaboration between Pattaya City, CISW Green World Co Ltd, and Central Pattaya.

At the festival, Cann Expo and Hemp Expo will highlight products made from cannabis and hemp, including food, beverages and cosmetics.

The event aims to promote the medical use of cannabis and hemp while helping the participants to expand their business network. Also, there will be business matching aimed at drawing Thai and foreign investors to invest in businesses related to cannabis and hemp.

A Miss Cannabis Thailand beauty contest will also be held during the festival, with the winners gaining prize money of over 200,000 baht.

Published : July 28, 2022

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