Percentage of Thais taking all 3 Covid precautions drops below 75%

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Thais are letting their guard down against Covid-19, according to a Department of Health survey conducted between May and July.

Percentage of Thais taking all 3 Covid precautions drops below 75%

The proportion of people who wear face masks, wash their hands frequently and undergo social distancing dropped from 82 per cent in May to 74.1 per cent in July, the survey showed.

Taking each category separately, social distancing has dropped furthest, to 78.6 per cent, followed by handwashing (88.1 per cent) and mask-wearing (94.6 per cent).

“People of all ages should protect themselves in line with the universal prevention principles to reduce risk of Covid-19 infection,” said department director-general Suwanchai Wattanayingcharoenchai.

He urged venue operators to strictly impose Covid-19 prevention measures during the long holiday, including hand-sanitising points and improving ventilation.

He also asked people to wear face masks in crowdy or confined places, especially the elderly, pregnant women and people with underlying conditions.

On Friday, Thailand recorded 2,480 new Covid-19 cases and 37 deaths in the previous 24 hours.

Published : July 29, 2022


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