EGAT prepares for JDA-A18 natural gas supply cut for 14 days

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EGAT has prepared five measures to deal with the Malaysian-Thai Joint Development Area (JDA-A18) natural gas supply cut due to annual maintenance during August 1-14, 2022 and ensured that there will be no effects on electricity users of the South.

EGAT prepares for JDA-A18 natural gas supply cut for 14 days

Cooperation from all sectors in the South to save electricity between 6.00-9.30 p.m. is also requested.

Kitti Petchsanthad, Deputy Governor – Transmission System of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) revealed that the Malaysian-Thai Joint Development Area (JDA-A18) of PTT Public Company Limited (PTT) is scheduled for its annual maintenance from August 1-14, 2022, totalling 14 days, resulting in disruption of natural gas supply to Chana Power Plant in Songkhla Province, which is an important source of power generation of the South.

EGAT has prepared for the supply cut by ordering Chana Power Plant to replace natural gas with diesel oil for power generation and implementing five measures to ensure no overall effects on electricity users as follows:

•    Fuel: Reserving sufficient diesel oil to operate Chana Power Plant during the supply cut as well as having a back-up plan if the operation is behind schedul

•    Generation: Preparing Chana Power Plant to use diesel oil while coordinating with other power plants in the South, namely Khanom Power Plant and Krabi Power Plant; renewable power plants, namely Rajjaprabha Dam, Bang Lang Dam, and Ban Santi Hydropower Plant; and Small Power Producers (SPPs) to operate at full capacity with the total generating capacity of 2,914 MW (sufficient for the 2,500-MW forecasted peak demand of the South), as well as planning to receive power from Malaysia immediately in case of emergency

•    Transmission: Supplying additional power of 800-1,100 MW from the Central via the 500 kV Bang Saphan 2 – Surat Thani 2 – Phuket 3 Transmission Lines, checking the transmission lines and important equipment, and halting maintenance that will affect power system security

•    Personnel: Arranging a team to monitor the situation closely 24/7 and to coordinate with related agencies in case of emergency

•    Electricity users: Requesting cooperation from the business sector, industrial sector, and the public to save electricity from August 1-14, 2022, especially between 6.00-9.30 p.m., which is during peak demand

“EGAT has prepared measures to fully handle the JDA-A18 natural gas supply cut and will monitor the situation closely to resolve emergency situations immediately. The public can be confident that the power system of the South will be secure and sufficient, and there will be no effects on their daily lives,” Kitti Petchsanthad added.

Published : July 31, 2022

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