Thailand Post issues country’s first crypto stamps

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Thailand Post began issuing its first collectible crypto stamps on Monday, Thailand Post president Danan Suphatthaphan said.

Thailand Post issues country’s first crypto stamps

The limited edition of 50,000 NFT (non-fungible token) stamps has been launched to mark the 140th anniversary of Thailand Post, Danan said.

The special stamps are a hybrid collection available exclusively at

Buyers get a paper stamp with a face value of Bt140, which can be used to send parcels with Thailand Post. Each stamp is printed with a hidden code, revealed by scratching its surface. The hidden code can be used to redeem an NFT stamp, the president said.

Each NFT stamp features unique artwork and colours. All are adorned with the postal service’s logo, post box, and other symbols of Thailand Post. Leading Thai artists have given each NFT stamp a unique design to create collectible crypto items.

Danan said Thailand Post is the first postal service in Southeast Asia to produce NFT stamps, following similar initiatives by other countries including Austria, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and the Netherlands.

Published : August 01, 2022


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