Iguanas born in Galapagos island for first time ‘since 1800s’

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Iguanas have naturally reproduced in the Galapagos Santiago Island for the first time in almost two centuries, Galapagos National Park authorities said on Monday.

Iguanas born in Galapagos island for first time 'since 1800s'

Scientists and rangers at the Ecuadorian national park discovered the offspring of the 3,143 Conolophus subcristatus specimens reintroduced into the island in 2019.

Experts measured and weighed the specimens before marking the newborns.

The return of the species to the island means these animals once again play their role in the ecosystem by creating paths, removing soil, dispersing seeds and even providing food for animals such as sparrowhawks, said Galapagos National Park director Danny Rueda.

According to a press release from the national park, naturalist Charles Darwin registered a large iguana population in Santiago Island in 1835. But in expeditions carried out by the California Academy of sciences in 1903 and 1906 no specimens were found alive.

Published : August 02, 2022

By : Reuters

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