Covid patients to be handed Molnupiravir

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Covid-19 patients will soon be given Molnupiravir antiviral drugs instead of Favipiravir, the National Health Security Office (NHSO) said on Tuesday.

Covid patients to be handed Molnupiravir

On Monday, the Public Health Ministry delivered 150,000 Molnupiravir pills to the NHSO as the number of Covid-19 patients continued to rise.

NHSO secretary-general Jadet Thammathataree said Covid patients have been allowed to request antiviral drugs via the office’s 1330 call centre since July 23.

The NHSO delivered Favipiravir to 1,941 eligible patients from July 23 to 30, he said.

“However, the NHSO had failed to deliver antiviral drugs to 25 patients because their houses or companies were closed, officials failed to contact recipients or the recipients refused to take delivery,” Jadet said.

Molnupiravir will be delivered to patients who are at risk of developing severe symptoms, including the elderly aged 60 or above and patients with chronic diseases, such as kidney disease, diabetes or cancer, he said.

The NHSO will not deliver Molnupiravir to pregnant women or nursing mothers, Jadet added.

Published : August 03, 2022


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