Homemade Gun Brought In To Settle Score Behind Classroom Explosion

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Homemade gun brought in to settle score behind classroom explosion

Homemade Gun Brought In To Settle Score Behind Classroom Explosion



Police Found A .38 Calibre Homemade Gun In A Canal That Is Believed To Be Behind The “Mysterious Explosion” That Killed A Ninth-Grader In School On Thursday Afternoon.

The explosion occurred in a computer class at Wat Lat Pla Duk School in Nonthaburi’s Bang Bua Thong district, with 15-year-old Noppasil Ngamsud sustaining fatal injuries. It was initially suspected that a computer had blown up.

Deputy Nonthaburi police chief Pol Colonel Phumthat Khositwanitpong said while interrogation, a boy reportedly confessed he had brought a homemade gun to class to settle a quarrel with Noppasil, but it accidentally went off.

The boy reportedly said that after the incident he contacted his 20-year-old friend, identified only as Sent, to help him get rid of the gun. Police then interrogated Sent until he reportedly confessed to taking the gun from the boy and dumping it in the Bang Phai Canal, which is about 1.5 kilometres away from the school.

Homemade gun brought in to settle score behind classroom explosion

At around 8pm on Thursday, divers found a .38 calibre homemade gun in the canal and will continue canvassing the area to look for other evidence.

Classmates reportedly told police that the alleged attacker had never shown any violent tendencies, but had been absent from school frequently. They also said they were unaware of a quarrel between him and Noppasil.

Paweena Ngamsud, 35, said Noppasil was her only son, who was studious and never caused any problems. She is waiting for more information on the incident.

The school principal, meanwhile, will be questioned over alleged negligence.


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