Student Behind Nonthaburi Killing Out On Bail With Conditions

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Student behind Nonthaburi killing out on bail with conditions

Student Behind Nonthaburi Killing Out On Bail With Conditions



The Secondary School Student Who Allegedly Accidentally Killed A Classmate When His Homemade Gun Went Off Was Granted Bail On A 10,000 Baht Guarantee On Friday.

The Central Juvenile and Family Court also ordered that the boy, identified only by his nickname “Tar”, report to the court every month for four months.

The incident took place on Thursday during computer class at Wat Lat Pla Duk School in Nonthaburi’s Bang Bua Thong district, with 15-year-old Noppasil Ngamsud sustaining fatal injuries from a homemade firearm brought to school by Tar, also 15.

Police on Thursday found the .38 calibre gun in a canal about 1.5 km. away from the school. Tar reportedly said he had asked an older friend, identified only as Sent, to help him get rid of the gun.

On Friday Tar’s mother, Phatcharee, 42, told the press that she was glad to see her son being released on bail so he can go back to school. She also said she was deeply sorry to the family of Noppasil.

Phatcharee added that she would have to borrow the 10,000 baht to cover the bail bond and reiterated that Tar would strictly follow the conditions set by the court.

She said Tar’s father will drive him to school every day and the boy will be barred from riding his motorbike or leaving the house at night.

Student behind Nonthaburi killing out on bail with conditions

Nonthaburi police chief Pol Maj-General Paisarn Wongwacharamongkol said on Friday that Tar faced charges of recklessness causing death and illegally possessing and carrying a gun.

He said the incident was not murder because the bullet trajectory shows that Noppasil was killed by a bullet that entered from behind his head and pierced his eye. This is consistent with Tar’s confession that the gun, which was in his jacket, went off as he was standing up. Officials also found a bullet hole in his jacket.

Paisarn said investigation revealed that Tar and Noppasil were close friends and there were no quarrels between them. Apparently, Tar had brought the gun to intimidate another student he had problems with. The gun reportedly belonged to an older friend from a vocational school.

Police have the gun owner in custody for questioning along with four other persons involved in getting rid of the gun.

Paisarn added that officials are also looking to see how a computer keyboard also blew up, which had caused initial speculation that Noppasil was killed by a computer explosion.

Student behind Nonthaburi killing out on bail with conditions


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