The Nation Joins GSB In Offering Help To Bangkok Flood Victims

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The Nation joins GSB in offering help to Bangkok flood victims

The Nation Joins GSB In Offering Help To Bangkok Flood Victims


The Nation Group Has Joined Forces With The Government Savings Bank (GSB) To Offer Help To Bangkokians Who Have Been Stranded Due To Heavy Flooding.

Survival kits, drinking water and other necessities have been distributed to residents of many communities in Lat Krabang and Nong Chok districts that have been under water for several days.

Heavy rainfall last week triggered floods in many low-lying areas and roads in the capital, especially along the Chao Phraya River and canals.

The Thai Meteorological Department has forecast heavy downpours nationwide until Sunday.

It has advised people to beware as heavy rains can cause flash floods and overflow along waterways, foothills and low-lying areas.

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