Temples In Chao Phraya Basin Preparing For ‘Imminent’ Floods As Dam Releases Water

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Temples in Chao Phraya basin preparing for ‘imminent’ floods as dam releases water

Temples In Chao Phraya Basin Preparing For ‘Imminent’ Floods As Dam Releases Water



Buddhist Temples Along The Chao Phraya River Have Started Preparing For Floods As Upstream Dams Release More Water To Relieve Pressure.

On Sunday, the Chao Phraya Dam in Chai Nat was releasing water at a speed of 1,948 cubic metres per second (m3/s) while the flow upstream in Nakhon Sawan’s Muang district was reported at 1,996m3/s. The flow further downstream at Ban Bang Phutsa in Singburi measured 1,974m3/s on Sunday.

The Meteorological Department forecasts heavy rain in the upper Chao Phraya basin from the start of next month.

On Sunday, several temples downstream from the Chao Phraya dam said they were making preparations for river overflows by moving valuable items to higher ground.

Among them was Wat Phai Lom in Sapphaya district, Chai Nat.

Phrakru Chaiyathammaphon, the abbot, said the temple has been monitoring flood warnings from several government agencies and has started moving valuables upstairs.

The abbot said the temple always suffers flooding when the Chao Phraya overflows. Describing how floodwater had risen to the height of a man’s head at the temple in 2011, he said he was concerned about imminent inundation as upstream levels rise.


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