NBTC Instructed To Draw Up Regulations On Planned True-Dtac Merger

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NBTC instructed to draw up regulations on planned True-Dtac merger

NBTC Instructed To Draw Up Regulations On Planned True-Dtac Merger



The National Broadcasting And Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) Should Come Out With Regulations To Mitigate The Impact Of The Merger Deal Between Two Telecom Giants, The Council Of State Recommended.

The instruction came on the heels of a second NBTC request for the council to interpret its power to regulate the merger deal between True Corporation and Total Access Communication (Dtac).

The council advised NBTC to strictly adhere to its 2018 announcement, as its 2010 announcement – which stated that companies must receive permission from the NBTC before conducting a merger – had been amended.

The NBTC’s 2018 announcement stated that companies must submit a report on a planned merger deal to the commission before and after the merger.

The council noted that adhering to the 2018 announcement is in line with Section 77 paragraph 3 of the Constitution, which says the state should employ a permit system only in case of necessity.

It also pointed out that NBTC had the authority to draw up specific regulations to mitigate the impact of the merger on the public under Section 12 of its 2018 announcement.

The council advised the NBTC to use its authority based on public interest and telecommunication development.

The commission is now expected to hold a special meeting on implementing regulations to mitigate the impact on consumers, many of whom have been uncertain about the merger for some time now and have voiced concern.


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