Samsung tops global brand ranking, outpacing Google, YouTube

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Samsung tops global brand ranking, outpacing Google, YouTube

Samsung tops global brand ranking, outpacing Google, YouTube


South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics was ranked the highest in the UK-based market research firm YouGov’s annual Global Best Brand Rankings in 2022.

Of 380 brands in 38 markets including the US, the UK, China, India and South Korea, Samsung scored 127 points overall to take the top rank, followed by Google’s 106, YouTube’s 85, Netflix’s 59 and Shopee’s 51 points.

The score was based on YouGov’s estimate of the 12-month brand ranking through September 2022.

Samsung’s position on the list has been rising over the past four years. After staying in the No 4 position in 2019 and 2020, Samsung came in second after Google in 2021 and overtook it this year.

Of the 38 markets polled, 19 put Samsung on their respective top 10 lists of global brands for 2022. Samsung topped the chart in the estimates of Ireland, South Korea, the Netherlands and Vietnam, and came in second in France, Pakistan, the Philippines and the UK.

This indicates that Samsung, a manufacturer of smartphones, home appliances and semiconductor chips, has outperformed the other rivals in terms of the average impression, quality, value, satisfaction and reputation, according to YouGov’s BrandIndex estimate.

The news came a few weeks after brand consulting firm Interbrand recognised Samsung Electronics as the No 5 global brand for the third straight year, as it was evaluated for $87.7 billion with a 17% growth year-on-year. Samsung followed Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Google.

Samsung then cited its efforts to consolidate the multidevice experience involving white goods and mobile products mainly through the integration of SmartThings app, as well as innovations based on consumer experiences and lifestyle.

Meanwhile, within Korea, Samsung was followed by pain reliever Tylenol, processed food brand Ottogi, sportswear brand Nike and local rival LG.

The Korea Herald
Asia News Network

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