Kalapapruek House, the Best Living Upon the Fullest Lifestyle Nearby Bangkok CBD

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Kalapapruek House, the Best Living Upon the Fullest Lifestyle Nearby Bangkok CBD

Kalapapruek House, the Best Living Upon the Fullest Lifestyle Nearby Bangkok CBD


Choosing where to purchase your dream home is one of the toughest and most grueling decisions you will make in life. And as housing developments and high-rise condominiums are becoming more prevalent in Bangkok, land in the capital is becoming more scarce.

You might feel pressured to choose a house slightly outside of Bangkok as a result, such as housing locations in the surrounding metropolitan areas.

But take a short drive through Kalapapruek road—a hidden gem within the capital’s Thonburi side—and you might just reconsider your options.

Kalapapruek is home to one of the fastest-growing lifestyle developments, with restaurants, malls, hospitals, and schools all located within a few kilometers away. The road is directly connected to Bangkok’s central business district (CBD), and has long been secretly known as one of the prime real estate destinations in Thailand.

So in the pursuit of the best location for your dream house, let’s explore where Kalapapruek actually is, what it’s known for, and where the best housing developments in the area actually are.

Where exactly is Kalapapruek in Bangkok?

Kalapapruek road (officially spelled Thanon Kanlapaphruek), is a six-lane paved road connecting Ratchapruek road and Kanchanaphisek road, stretching around 7.7 kilometers from end to end.

First opened to the public in 2002, the road has rapidly grown to become one of the hottest real estate locations in Bangkok. This is mainly because Kalapapruek also connects three of Bangkok’s districts: Bang Khae, Chom Thong, and Phasi Charoen.

Many Bangkokians have abandoned the dream of getting a brand-new house nearby any BTS or MRT station. Kalapapruek, however, is less than 5 kilometers away from the nearest MRT station, depending on the house’s location.

Kalapapruek was first opened to the public in 2002, and it is now clear to see why it has grown to become one of the hottest real estate areas in the capital.

Buying a House in Kalapapruek: A Complete Lifestyle Hub Near Bangkok’s CBD

Here are some noteworthy nearby destinations & lifestyles that are reachable while living within Kalapapruek road:

Malls & lifestyle:

•    The Mall Bang Khae – A popular shopping mall on Phetkasem road, reachable by MRT
•    The Mall Tha Phra – Also reachable by MRT
•    Seacon Bang Khae – Also reachable by MRT
•    Homepro Kanlapaphruek – A home decor and equipment department store
•    Makro Kanlapaphruek – A wholesale department store for buying in bulk
•    Lotus Bang Khae – A highly-frequented hypermarket

Schools & higher education:

•    Assumption College Thonburi
•    Assumption College Bang Rak
•    Bangkok Christian College
•    Saint Joseph Convent School
•    Shrewsbury International School
•    Siam University


•    Kasemrad Hospital Bang Khae
•    Phyathai 3 Hospital
•    Bangmod Hospital


•    Si Rat Expressway 

Kalapapruek House: Prime Living in a Residential Area

Given the convenience of the destination above, let’s go through two of AP Thai’s most desired housing developments on Kalapapruek road:

THE CITY Sathorn-Kallapapruek

Considered one of AP Thai’s most exclusive neighborhoods, THE CITY is just a 10-minute drive away from the Sathorn area, known as Bangkok’s most bustling CBD.

House owners can enjoy spacious views from an all-two-floor housing setup across the entire neighborhood, such that one would no longer expect to find from an area so close to the city.

THE CITY Sathorn-Kallapapruek features four different house types, ranging from 233 to 330 square meters in size, with parking for two to three cars available, depending on the type.

And with only 121 units available throughout the whole neighborhood, along with its close proximity to the locations above, THE CITY is surely not to be overlooked.

CENTRO Sathorn-Kallapapruek

Although this neighborhood is generally an option for slightly smaller families, CENTRO is no less convenient by any means. Also featuring four house types, CENTRO’s houses range from 175 to 225 square meters in size.

And with two parking spaces per house, this location is perfect for new or soon-to-be families, or existing families who need a location slightly closer to the city.

With only 173 units available, it has now become one of the most high-in-demand neighborhoods in the entire Kalapapruek area.

Buying a house in Kalapapruek will offer a surreal experience of being nearby Bangkok’s most frequented destinations, while still being surrounded by your own personal space. So when looking to buy a house in or around Bangkok, be sure to include Kalapapruek house in your potential list.

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