Thai TV drama series set to penetrate African and Taiwanese markets

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Thai TV drama series set to penetrate African and Taiwanese markets

Thai TV drama series set to penetrate African and Taiwanese markets


A Thai TV drama series will be broadcast in Taiwan and more than 20 countries in Africa following a partnership between BEC World, the operator of television Channel 3, and media company IE Entertainment.

The collaboration will primarily contribute to the international broadcast of four TV series.

PTS television service in Taiwan has secured the copyright to telecast the popular Thai TV drama “Love Destiny“, while, “Repercussion“, “My Forever Sunshine“, and “Love & Deception” were sold to Star Times, which broadcasts to more than 20 African nations, according to BEC.

The company has seen consistent growth in income from overseas markets since 2018 following the sale of more than 6,200 hours of Channel 3 drama series content to countries in Asia, South America and Africa. In particular, the response in the Asean region has exceeded expectations, BEC World’s executive director and president of TV business, Surin Krittayaphongphun, said.

“BEC World will strive to penetrate new markets in other countries as well,” he said. “We expect more Thai drama series from Channel 3 and BEC Studio to be sold to other countries as a result of the partnership with IE Entertainment,” he added.

Surin KrittayaphongphunSurin Krittayaphongphun

Surin clarified that IE Entertainment would be the only overseas partner allowed to sell the copyright for its drama series, apart from Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Laos who hold non-exclusive licences.”

This has been done in an effort to promote the popularity of Thai drama series throughout other regions, he added.

IE Entertainment is also in negotiations to sell the copyright of several well-known series namely “Love Destiny 2“, “Royal Doctor“, “To the Moon and Back“, “Love at First Night“, “Doctor Detective“, and “The Betrayal“.

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