Thailand ranks second in the world for most Tweets about K-Content in 2022

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From K-Pop to K-Dramas, K-Movies, webtoons and more, Twitter is where the K-Content conversations are happening. K-Content is now global with countries in Europe, North America and even Peru being amongst the top 20 countries Tweeting the most about K-Content so far this year.

Thailand ranks second in the world for most Tweets about K-Content in 2022

Kim YeonJeong , Head of Global K-Pop & K-Content Partnerships at Twitter, said “K-Pop communities on Twitter are passionate and we’re now seeing that strong culture of fandom growing and including a wide variety of K-Content. Fans from around the world are leading the globalisation of K-Content by joining in related conversations on Twitter in real time. Wherever you are, whatever you’re watching, people are able to talk about it on Twitter.”

While seven of the top 10 countries Tweeting the most about K-Content are from Asia – including Thailand which is ranked second in the world – countries such as the US, Brazil, UK Mexico, Canada, France, Vietnam, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Germany, and Peru are joining in K-Content-related conversations globally.

Helping to drive global interest in K-Content has been the cross-over of K-Pop stars. For example, the appearance of K-Pop stars Kim Sejeong of Business Proposal, Lee Junho of The Red Sleeve, Lee Jieun (IU) of Broker and Ok Taecyeon of Hansan led to a surge in related Tweets among fans around the world.

Thailand ranks second in the world for most Tweets about K-Content in 2022

The K-Drama Our Beloved Summer recorded the most Tweets on the day BTS V’s soundtrack Christmas Tree was released while K-Dramas based on webtoons, such as All of Us Are Dead and Our Beloved Summer, led to conversations about both the dramas and original webtoons.

In Thailand, Twenty Five Twenty One is the most Tweeted about K-Dramas so far this year with Snowdrop and Business Proposal second and third respectively.

Globally, the most Tweeted about K-Movie in the world so far this year is Broker. The movie drew attention with actor Song Kangho, who won the best actor award at the Cannes Film Festival, making an appearance. K-Movies HUNT and The Witch: Part2. The Other One was the second and third most Tweeted about K-Movies in the world.

Thailand ranks second in the world for most Tweets about K-Content in 2022
Thailand ranks second in the world for most Tweets about K-Content in 2022

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Published : September 06, 2022

Blackpink becomes the first music act to top 80m YouTube subscribers

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K-pop girl group Blackpink has made YouTube history by becoming the first music act with 80 million subscribers. They were also the first music act to amass 70 million subscribers in November 2021.

Blackpink becomes the first music act to top 80m YouTube subscribers

Already the top music act on the platform, the quartet started their channel six years ago, when they made their debut. On Monday, they reached 80 million milestones.

Last month, fellow K-pop mega band BTS crossed the 70-million subscriber mark, overtaking Canadian singer Justin Bieber, who is inching towards the mark with 69.9 million subscribers currently.

Fourth on the list is American DJ and producer Marshmello, followed by American rapper Eminem, British singer Ed Sheeran and American singers Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish and Katy Perry.

Blackpink will release their second album, Born Pink, on Sept 16 and embark on their world tour at the end of the year.

The first single from it, Pink Venom, dropped on Aug 19 and its music video also broke records on YouTube by receiving 90.4 million views within 24 hours. It is currently tagged “#1 On Trending For Music” on YouTube, with close to 255 million views and counting.

The Straits Times

Asia News Network

Asia News Network: The Nation (Thailand), The Korea Herald, The Straits Times (Singapore), China Daily,  Jakarta Post, The Star and Sin Chew Daily (Malaysia), The Statesman (India), Philippine Daily Inquirer, Yomiuri Shimbun and The Japan News, Gogo Mongolia,  Dawn (Pakistan),  The Island (Sri Lanka), Kuensel (Bhutan), Kathmandu Post (Nepal), Daily Star (Bangladesh), Eleven Media (Myanmar), The Phnom Penh Post and Rasmei Kampuchea (Cambodia), The Borneo Bulletin (Brunei), Vietnam News, and Vientiane Times (Laos).

Published : September 06, 2022

By : Reuters

Dave Grohl tears up at tribute concert for bandmate Taylor Hawkins

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The US rock band Foo Fighters played an emotional tribute to their late drummer Taylor Hawkins at a fundraiser concert in London on Saturday.

Dave Grohl tears up at tribute concert for bandmate Taylor Hawkins

Frontman Dave Grohl broke down in tears at the start of the song “Times Like These”, before launching into an emphatic performance as the band played their hits “Pretender”, “My Hero”, and “Everlong”.

Hawkins passed away at a hotel in Bogota, Colombia in late March, sending shockwaves through the global music industry.

Hawkins’ 16-year-old son Shane was one of the band’s guest drummers, which also featured Guns N’ Roses’ Josh Freese, Blink-182’s Travis Barker and 12-year-old Nandi Bushell, who grew to fame after challenging Grohl to a virtual drum battle in 2020.

Foo Fighters headlined the event that featured a star-studded line-up which included The Beatles’ Paul McCartney, AC/DC’s Brian Johnson and Queen’s Brian May, Nile Rodgers and Mark Ronson.

Former Oasis guitarist and vocalist Liam Gallagher kicked off the concert.

Funds raised from the concert’s tickets and merchandise will go toward Music Support, a charity chosen by the Hawkins family, a press release stated.

Music Support is a charity that helps those who work in music and live events affected by mental ill-health and/or addiction, according to the release.

Published : September 04, 2022

By : Reuters

Happy birthday Doraemon, (minus) 90 years old today!

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Popular Japanese character Doraemon celebrated his birthday on Saturday – with a twist.

Happy birthday Doraemon, (minus) 90 years old today!

The fictional robot cat was born in the future in 2112, making him minus-90 years old.

Doraemon first arrived in our time in 1970 as a character in a manga and anime series created by Fujiko F Fujio, the pen name of Hiroshi Fujimoto and Motoo Abiko.

The male earless robotic cat travels from the 22nd century, sent back in time by a young boy named Sewashi to help his great-great-grandfather, Nobita Nobi.

Born from a stray cat

His creator Fujimoto was suffering writer’s block when he saw a stray cat in his garden. It gave him inspiration for a character who travels by time machine to fix mistakes in the past.

He crossed the stray cat with a Japanese doll to create a robotic feline from the future who zips back through time to help Nobita.

Doraemon made his debut 52 years ago as a manga series with 1,344 stories.

It told the story of Nobita, a lazy but kind boy with a flawed personality.

Nobita is bullied at school and has poor grades – not helped by his tendency to nap when he should be working.

Meanwhile, Doraemon has a weakness for dorayaki pancakes but also a fear of the robotic mouse that ate his ears. Adding to the mind-boggling richness of this world are the secrets he keeps in the fourth-dimensional pocket in his belly. Inside is an endless variety of gadgets, a mix of household appliances and magical tools based on Japanese religious beliefs.

The official number of Doraemon’s gadgets is not known but is estimated at around 4,500. He uses some of the items regularly, but others appear only once.

Fujio once claimed Doraemon has a total of 1,293 gadgets. However, Yasuyuki Yokoyama of Toyama University analysed the series in 2004 and found a total of 1,963 different gadgets in 1,344 storylines. The Doraemon Fanclub lists the number at 1,812.

Why Doraemon is loved

Analysis by psychologists suggests the secret of the series’ popularity lies in the character of Nobita. As a likeable loser and low achiever with a limited skill set, he is easy to relate to.

Most of us, after all, have a lazy, selfish and even cowardly side to our character.

Meanwhile, Doraemon is a helper who can solve his problems but refuses to indulge Nobita every time.

Fujimoto died in 1996. When his co-creator Abiko passed away in April this year, there were rumours he had left behind a plot for the series ending. One rumour says the ending features Nobita lying bedridden in hospital with his friends around him. Another has Doraemon’s battery running out and erasing his memory, as the spare battery was in the ear gnawed off by the mouse. Time machines have become illegal in the future world, meaning he can’t travel there to be repaired, so he is stranded in time.

However, Nobita decides to study hard and becomes a world-class scientist who is able to fix Doraemon’s memory himself.

Published : September 03, 2022


Thai legend Jintara goes global in Times Square equality push

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An image of Thai country singer Jintara Poonlarp towering over New York’s Times Square was praised by the Royal Thai Embassy in Washington on Saturday.

Thai legend Jintara goes global in Times Square equality push

“The 53-year-old Jintara is a living legend in Thailand. She has released over 50 albums and 47 singles and been touring for 33 years,” said the Embassy in a Facebook post.

Jintara is featuring on the world’s most famous billboard as part of Spotify’s “Equal” campaign for women’s empowerment.

The embassy explained that: “Aside from her occasional forays into pop, her songs are mostly Luk Thung, which is Thailand’s version of country music, and Mor Lam, another rural style of song that is similar to rap in that the words are mostly spoken.” It added that she has also won fame in Thai films and TV shows.

Jintara revealed the news of her latest role in a Facebook post two weeks ago.

“Finally,” she wrote, in a post illustrated with her image towering several storeys high over Times Square. “Thank you, Spotify, for letting me be a part of EQUAL THAILAND, a great campaign to support women’s empowerment.”

US magazine Billboard wrote earlier this year: “Spotify launched EQUAL, a global music program as a part of its commitment to advancing gender equity in music. The initiative aims to celebrate women pushing the envelope and inspiring the next generation of artists, producers, and executives.”

EQUAL was launched in response to the music-streaming website’s findings that “only one in five artists on the charts are women. Yet we know how integral women artists’ influence has been on Spotify and the music industry at large. To begin to upend this disparity, we must amplify the work of women creators.”

Other artists featured in the campaign include Thai pop songstress Bowkylion, Saweetie of the US, Griff of the United Kingdom, Duda Beat of Brazil, and Gyakie of Ghana.

Published : September 03, 2022


Marshmello joins other DJs to bring best electronic dance beats to Bangkok on Sept 25

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Get ready to dance to the funkiest beats created by the likes of DJ Marshmello at “Oh My Ghost: The Freakiest Music Festival” on September 25.

Marshmello joins other DJs to bring best electronic dance beats to Bangkok on Sept 25

The fest, to be held in Muang Thong Thani, will not only bring together famous foreign and local EDM DJs but will also have a non-alcohol section cordoned off especially for teenagers.

Ariya Banomyong, co-CEO of event management firm CMO PCL, told the press on Friday that his company is aiming to bring concerts and music festivals back to Thailand.

CMO has joined up with the pub Spaceplus Bangkok and event organiser and ticket-selling platform, the Concert, to organise the event.

“As event organisers, we focus the most on the quality of the show, including production, lighting and sound. The aim is to give attendees an excellent, valuable experience,” Ariya said.

“PM Centre and Nerve Creative will take care of the event’s production as they have staff experienced in creating international standard events.”

Marshmello joins other DJs to bring best electronic dance beats to Bangkok on Sept 25

Chatchaval Teened, managing director of CMO’s concert organising arm, CM Live, said the event will feature a 360-degree centre stage and a jumbotron that will make the stage visible from every direction.

The event, designed along the Halloween theme, will feature many big names including Mavinz1r, Pixzy, Limeslight, Juicy M, Tokyo Machine, ARMHMR, Whatsonot, and the world-famous American producer and DJ Marshmello.

Chatchaval said he expects some 20,000 Thais and foreign fans to attend the event, adding that it will be held in cooperation with the Public Health Ministry. Attendees will be required to link their vaccine passports to their e-tickets.

He said CM Live is planning to hold more concerts and music festivals for people who love EDM (electronic dance music), K-pop and T-pop.

Marshmello joins other DJs to bring best electronic dance beats to Bangkok on Sept 25

Tony Chen, chairman of Spaceplus Bangkok, said he decided to support the event because it’s an EDM party nobody should miss. After all, he said, his pub’s standpoint is to offer people an unbeatable musical experience.

Marshmello joins other DJs to bring best electronic dance beats to Bangkok on Sept 25

Tanniti Papatsureechote, managing director of The Concert Application Co Ltd, said this event will showcase Thailand’s ability to hold world-class events.

He reckons the event will be a huge hit, especially since all 3,000 early bird tickets were snapped up as soon as they were put up for sale on Wednesday.

The “Oh My Ghost (OMG) 2022” festival will be held on September 25 from 4pm to 11pm at Thunderdome Stadium in Muang Thong Thani, Nonthaburi.

Tickets can be bought via from September 5 to 24. Prices are 1,500 baht for the under-20s zone, 4,500 baht for the VIP zone and 3,000 baht for the regular zone.

Visit, for more information.

Published : September 03, 2022


BlackPink’s Lisa: MTV award highly meaningful to me

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“The Best K-pop MTV award is highly meaningful to me and BlackPink fans,” Thailand’s ecstatic Lalisa “Lisa” Manoban said on Wednesday.

BlackPink’s Lisa: MTV award highly meaningful to me

She made the remark after winning the prestigious trophy at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards show on Monday for her song “Lalisa”, which was released on YouTube in September last year. 

The song became the most viewed video by a solo artist in a single day in YouTube history, notching up a whopping 73.6 million views in a mere 24 hours of its release. It went on to become the sixth most viewed video in the world in 24 hours, being beaten only by three other videos by Asian artists, one by K-pop superstars BTS and two previously by BlackPink.

The awards, also known as the VMAs, are held by cable channel MTV to honour the best in music videos. This year’s event was held at Prudential Centre in Newark, New Jersey.

Lisa thanked MTV for a “wonderful night” at the event and expressed gratefulness to her fans for their “encouragement”.

She trumped other nominated K-pop artists, including Itzy, Seventeen, Stray Kids, Twice and BTS.

Apart from being the first solo K-pop artist to win such a honour, this was also the first time Lisa and her other BlackPink bandmates performed at a US awards show.

BlackPink’s Lisa: MTV award highly meaningful to me

Published : September 01, 2022


Hit film directors say copyright law must change for K-movies’ global success

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Members of the Directors Guild of Korea on Wednesday gathered at the National Assembly Members’ Office Building to talk about why the current Copyright Act should be revised for fair remuneration of filmmakers’ work and Korean movies’ further global success.

Hit film directors say copyright law must change for K-movies' global success

The event was jointly hosted by the DGK and Yoo Jung-ju, a lawmaker of the Democratic Party of Korea.

At the beginning of the meeting, director Park Chan-wook, who is currently in Los Angeles, joined via videoconference to show his support for a revision to the Copyright Act.

“I hope that the revised copyright bill can be passed as soon as possible,” Park said. “Only then, domestic creators will be able to work in a world-class environment. I will support the bill until the end.”

“I proposed the revised bill with 38 lawmakers — that is not a small number. We are holding this meeting to support the bill’s passage,” Yoo said.

Lawyer Kim Jung-hyun then explained that the current law stipulates that the rights to cinematographic works “shall be presumed to have been transferred to the producer of the cinematographic work unless otherwise expressly stipulated” and does not include any rights for the creators to share in the return.

During the discussion session that followed, five directors behind hit films that each attracted more than 10 million moviegoers — Yoon Je-kyoon, Kim Han-min, Kim Yong-hwa, Kang Je-kyu and Kang Yoon-sung — shared their experiences.

The session was hosted by director and actor Yoo Ji-tae and many directors, writers and lawmakers, including Park Hong-keun, Hong Ik-pyo and Do Jong-hwan, who joined the event in the audience.

“This law reminded me of the time when I finished making my first and second films, which were not successful. I was working on ‘War of the Arrows.’ At the time, my previous films were aired on cable channels and I remember thinking ‘who earns money from that?’ I desperately needed some money so I thought it would be nice if I could benefit from it,” Kim Han-min said.

Kim added that all the rookie directors present were not in great financial situations and a little support from the revised bill could offer meaningful help for them.

“DGK conducted a survey of 500 directors and found that they earn less than 10 million won ($7,450) a year on average. Some directors earn a lot of money but many more suffer. I hope that the revised bill can help them out,” Yoon said.

The director also talked about why it is important to improve the environment through the revised bill. “Korean content is becoming successful globally, and to sustain that growth it is important to create an environment that can attract many passionate and talented people.”

“Filmmakers spend one to two years — for some around 10 years — to develop and write a script. And then when we get to sign a contract that says we will hand over all the future royalty with productions. It is like all the hard work that I have put in is all sold at once with a down payment,” Kang Yoon-sung said. “What content in the world is sold like this?”

“Last year, DGK called me and said there is a royalty payment that I have to receive. I met with them and they explained to me that a broadcaster in France aired my movie and it is the payment for that. It was the first time in my whole career that I received money like that,” Kang Je-kyu said. “I envied creators in France and other parts of Europe who work in such an environment.”

“I was lucky. Songs in two of my hit movies — ‘200 Pounds Beauty’ and ‘Take Off’ — were also a big hit. My friend who was the music director of both films said the Korea Music Copyright Association fought for their right and as a result, he got royalty payments every time the movie is aired or someone sings the song at a karaoke,” Kim Yong-hwa said.

He added that it was not his friend whom he envied but the fact that he had an association that was backing him up.

“I wonder whether the Korean Film Council is using the movie development fund for filmmakers,” he added.

The fund he referred to is paid into by movie theaters. Under current law, they are required to contribute 3 per cent of ticket sales to KOFIC to support local movie development.

Actor Yoo Ji-tae concluded the talk by saying simply that “creating a sustainable environment for filmmakers is important.”

“I hope that we can create an environment where directors and writers do not have to do the part-time job of delivery or driving,” he added.

Song Seung-hyun

The Korean Herald

Asia News Network

Asia News Network: The Nation (Thailand), The Korea Herald, The Straits Times (Singapore), China Daily, The Jakarta Post, The Star and Sin Chew Daily (Malaysia), The Statesman (India), Philippine Daily Inquirer, Yomiuri Shimbun and The Japan News, Gogo Mongolia,  Dawn (Pakistan),  The Island (Sri Lanka), Kuensel (Bhutan), Kathmandu Post (Nepal), Daily Star (Bangladesh), Eleven Media (Myanmar), The Phnom Penh Post and Rasmei Kampuchea (Cambodia), The Borneo Bulletin (Brunei), Vietnam News, and Vientiane Times (Laos).

Published : August 31, 2022

The return of Tor Thanai and 8 things you need to know about his new music video “Hotel”

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The Thai LoFi/Soul singer-songwriter drops his new music video “Hotel”.

The return of Tor Thanai and 8 things you need to know about his new music video “Hotel”

After many months of anticipation, Tor Thanai (Tor Thanai Phornphong) is back with a thrilling teaser and a music video of his song “Hotel.”

The video was directed by Nut-Nanut Mahatthanasiri or Nanut Malongyer (IG: @directed.nanut), who most recently directed music videos for various household names in Thailand such as WANYAi, Slot Machine, and Gavin.D. However, it was Nanut’s early work that he did for a Thai rapper, Youngohm, in a song called “Doo White” that caught Tor Thanai’s attention. After researching Nanut’s cinematographic style, Tor Thanai eventually reached out to Nanut and invited him to direct a music video for his newly released song.

Apart from having a rising music video director like Nanut working on this project, music video producer Nan-Tanyatorn Chantawongsatorn was also one of the crew members, helping to ensure everything ran smoothly on this project. Set photographers Anuchit Boonsuksri and Thaveesak Phattanalai also took hundreds of photos on the set of the music video to capture the behind-the-scenes shots and the acting chemistry between the actors. Moreover, costume stylist Kittipong Intarangsee led the team in charge of the clothing elements worn by Tor Thanai and the main actress, JARA. Due to this accomplished team, LoFi/Soul singer-songwriter Tor Thanai’s music video is full of meticulous details.

The return of Tor Thanai and 8 things you need to know about his new music video “Hotel”

Initially, Tor Thanai wanted to launch this music video in the middle of 2021. But as Thailand’s third COVID-19 wave hit the country, production had to be postponed several times. However, almost a year later, the project was finally done.

In the music video, Tor Thanai is seen walking and following the actress, JARA or Jennifer Liora Roberts (IG: @jara.liora), in what appears to be the hallway of a hotel. JARA, in her role as Jennie, is a model and actress who has gained recognition from her work in several advertisements and product endorsements in Thailand recently. The music video was filmed in Prince Palace Hotel, located in the commercial heartland and a well-known wholesale clothing market of Bangkok’s downtown area, Bo Bae.

The video shows us the progression of the relationship between two actors, Tor and Jennie, who met in a bar and were seemingly disinterested in each other. Slowly, the story reveals that they are passionately in love.

The video then leads us along with each character to various places in the hotel from a grand stairway to a hotel corridor. Finally, both of them stop in front of a room with the number 5.

The return of Tor Thanai and 8 things you need to know about his new music video “Hotel”

“Hotel” is a single release after taking a hiatus from the music industry for several years. The song came to fruition after Tor Thanai listened to his elder brother’s idea of having a boutique hotel business in Bangkok. The track bears the influence of artists like Jamiroquai and Michael McDonald. This song is genre-defying and sees Tor Thanai venturing into music scapes that he’s never been to.

Written and produced by Tor Thanai, the song “Hotel” explores a mystifying but oddly romantic relationship that started in a hotel’s cocktail bar. The music incorporates Lofi/Soul music elements with an intimate and soulful yet distinctive voice that helps to deliver his unwavering vision. The lyrics are well-crafted with vivid imagery to enrich the atmosphere.

“Maybe we’ll stay another night / Maybe it’ll feel so right / Merlot or the beer you like / Good love, we be up all night,” Tor Thanai sings in the chorus.

The song was mixed by the prolific Thai mixing engineer Pete Tanskul of 8bit MixLab, whose credits include Stamp, Lipta, and Nap A Lean. It was then mastered by a multi-Grammy Award-winning engineer Alan Douches of West West Side Mastering, New York, whose credits include Sufjan Stevens, My Chemical Romance, and Fatboy Slim.

8 things to know about this song:

1. Tor Thanai invited music video director Nanut Mahatthanasiri (Nanut Malongyer) to work on this project after he saw Nanut’s early work for Thai rapper, Young Ohm, in a song called “Doo White.”

2. The main actress of this music video is JARA or Jennifer Liora Roberts. She is a half American – half Thai actress and a professional model in Thailand.

3. The music video was filmed on the 11th and the 30th floor of Prince Palace Hotel, Bo Bae. It was once “Mahanak Palace” of the Field Marshal Prince Kromaluang Nakhon Chaisri Suradej, a son of King Rama V. Therefore, Prince Palace Hotel was named to enhance his prestige.

4. The reason that the production team chose this hotel is because they thought that the green-colored corridor of the hotel and its classic-style elevator would match the mood of the song.

5. The room number 5 shown in the video does not exist. It is just a prop that set decorators brought to make it match the lyrics: “Waiting for the key to Room 5.” In reality, all the rooms on the 30th floor have 4-digit numbers.

6. The electric guitar that Tor Thanai used in the video is a Fender Standard Telecaster – Arizona Sun Satin. It’s a Mexican-made model.

7. Instead of writing the word “Coffee” in the first verse of the song, “Havin’ decaf in the morning,” Tor Thanai changed it to “Decaf,” which stands for decaffeinated coffee. This is because Tor Thanai is hypersensitive and allergic to many different types of foods and caffeine is one of them. Therefore, he normally drinks decaf coffee more than normal coffee. When he wrote this song, he intended to use this word to reflect his own coffee-drinking behavior.

8. He was inspired to write this song after he listened to his elder brother’s idea of having a boutique hotel business in Bangkok. He wrote the song later that night while reading business articles about boutique hotel businesses.

Fans can watch the music video on his YouTube channel: Tor Thanai ( and stream the song on Spotify: Tor Thanai (


Published : August 31, 2022


‘Pink Venom’ floods Thai social media as Blackpink, Lisa rule world

#SootinClaimon.Com : ขอบคุณแหล่งข้อมูล : หนังสือพิมพ์ The Nation.

Blackpink’s new music video “Pink Venom” is shattering records across the world – including in Thailand. The K-pop group’s first release since 2020’s “Lovesick Girls” features a stunning performance from Thailand’s Lisa (Lalisa Manoban) in a hip-hop outfit.

‘Pink Venom’ floods Thai social media as Blackpink, Lisa rule world

Released on August 19, the video racked up the highest-ever number of YouTube views in 24 hours with 90.4 million.

Meanwhile In Thailand, “Pink Venom” was surging on Thai Twitter and Facebook, according to analysis by Wisesight (Thailand).

As many as 68,141 messages related to the video were posted on Thai social media – 72.6 per cent by netizens and 27.4 per cent by brands.

Twitter users were its biggest fans, posting 49.1 per cent of messages, followed by Facebook users (45.1 per cent) and other social media (5.8 per cent).

Analysis showed that female netizens accounted for more than three-quarters (76.09 per cent) of messages about “Pink Venom”. Meanwhile, the video was most popular among the 18-24 age group, who posted 54.64 per cent of all messages.

‘Pink Venom’ floods Thai social media as Blackpink, Lisa rule world

Brands climbing aboard the “Pink Venom” bandwagon are mostly related to retail, e-commerce, department stores, media outlets, and food-and-beverage.

Brand operators pledged special Blackpink-themed merchandise and other offers if the music video reached so many million views. The pledges drew likes and shares from netizens, boosting the brands’ profiles.

Two Thai brands receiving the biggest online engagement from the trend are:

– Shoemaker Nanyang, which vowed to produce a special edition of black/pink-toned shoes if the music video hit 80 million views in 24 hours. That pledge received more than 100,000 interactions from netizens, Wisesight said.

– IT product distributor Advice vowed to hand out sets of computer and gaming equipment in black-pink colours if the video reached 100 million views in 48 hours. That promise gained over 80,000 interactions.

Meanwhile, Jennie Blackpink’s decision to wear a black Manchester United shirt in the video has seen the item sell out online and in shops across the world. Marketing experts have called the move a win-win strategy between entertainment and sports.

Published : August 30, 2022