Make your dreams come true with KBank Young Scholarship Program 2023 

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Make your dreams come true with KBank Young Scholarship Program 2023 

Make your dreams come true with KBank Young Scholarship Program 2023 


Kasikorn Bank is seeking highly capable personnel to advance its K Strategy in a new-era financial world with KBank Young Scholarship 2023.

To this end, the Bank will hold an examination for five graduate scholarships at the world’s most prestigious universities.

Fourth-year students who are going to complete their bachelor’s degree are invited to sit for the examination.

Scholarship recipients will have a chance to learn and get hands-on experience to find their fields of interest before furthering their studies as needed and in alignment with KBank’s business directions.

Aside from getting the scholarship, they will have a chance to take on the challenging work at KBank.

Applications are open from now until March 15, 2023, at KBank’s website,

Make your dreams come true with KBank Young Scholarship Program 2023 

Krit JitjangKBank President, said as human resource development is a crucial driver of the organization towards its established goals, KBank has been committed to the continuous enhancement of employee potential, based on the concept of providing staff members with the “Possibility to Make an Impact” and allowing them to “Unleash Your Full Potential”.

All employees have been encouraged to use their knowledge and capabilities and to unleash their full potential, with an emphasis on learning by doing. KBank aims to create leaders who can grow with the organization.

Employees have the opportunity to work with capable supervisors and teams of high potential in an organization with an advantage in terms of investment funds, customer database, technologies and partnerships with Thailand’s leading businesses and startups, which form part of KBank’s business network. 

Under this year’s KBank Young Scholarship Project, applications have been opened for five scholarships, and eligible applicants are fourth-year university students.

The scholarships will be granted for master’s degree study at a world-class university, and students can choose a field of study which aligns with KBank’s strategies and business directions.

A special feature of the scholarships is that, for the first three years, students will have the opportunity to explore their interests and preferences by working with professional teams on key tasks and to take part in driving the businesses of KBank and K Companies towards success. Such tasks are, for example, those in the areas of IT/Technology & Fintech, Business Extension & Partnership Management, Beyond Banking & Innovation, Business Data Analytics, Investment Banking, and Regional Business, in both Thailand and foreign countries. After graduation, they will also return to work with KBank. 

Candidates must currently be final-year university students or scheduled to complete their bachelor’s degree in 2023, with a GPA of at least 3.25. Special consideration will be given to candidates who have participated in various activities such as business case competitions at their universities or those who have completed an internship. Additionally, they should be keen learners, adaptable, and those who dare to think, try and decide for business success. Registration starts on March 15, 2023. 

For more details, please contact the People Development Department (Scholarship), tel. 02-4701361, 02-4701656 or 02-4705915, or 

Mr. Krit added, “KBank scholarship recipients will attend a preparation program for studying abroad. The Bank will arrange an overseas education consulting company to help develop the potential of the scholarship recipients in terms of work experience and language proficiency. KBank will support all related expenses during university preparation and study that related costs with close guidance from our Human Resource Development team. We aim to strengthen their capabilities in all aspects and expect them to return to drive the businesses of KBank and K Companies towards success. This is considered one of the most important opportunities for university students who dream to study at a world-class educational institution and gain experience in working with a leading organization in the country.” 

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