Jurin expects PM to dissolve the House by March 13

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Jurin expects PM to dissolve the House by March 13

Jurin expects PM to dissolve the House by March 13


Deputy Prime Minister Jurin Laksanawisit said on Friday that he expected the House of Representatives to be dissolved no later than March 13 to pave the way for an early general election.

He said that Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, who has the power to dissolve the House, had yet to discuss with leaders of the coalition parties regarding the matter.

“I think that when it’s time, the prime minister will have some discussions [with the coalition leaders].”

The Democrat Party leader, who also doubles as the commerce minister, said he expected the House dissolution in March, possibly by the 13th. He explained that the Election Commission would be dealing with rules and regulations ahead of the next election and certain political parties would need time to prepare for contesting the polls.

Prayut on Thursday hinted at a House dissolution, saying, “I have a date in mind already,” although he declined to elaborate.

The current House of Representatives’ four-year term ends on March 23. The Election Commission tentatively scheduled the next general election on May 7 in case the House completes its full term.

Jurin expects PM to dissolve the House by March 13

House dissolution allows incumbent MPs to switch parties before election day. The law requires them to be members of the new party for at least 30 days before the election. In case the House is allowed to complete its term, election candidates have to be party members for at least 90 days.

A House dissolution would also mean MPs could defect from their current parties and join Prayut’s new party, Ruam Thai Sang Chart (United Thai Nation), up to 30 days before election day. They will have to join at least 90 days before the election day if the House term is completed normally.

Jurin said on Friday that his Democrat Party planned to field its candidates in all 400 constituencies in the next election.

Meanwhile, PM Prayut remained tight-lipped on Friday as to when he planned to dissolve the House. He refused to answer media questions regarding the matter.

On Thursday, the prime minister said that he needed more time for “some preparations” before making his final decision. He was speaking to reporters at the end of a two-day general parliamentary debate.

However, he dismissed claims by his critics that he was buying time to give his party more time to prepare for the upcoming election.

Prayut was the sole prime ministerial candidate of the ruling Palang Pracharath Party in the previous election of March 2019. He joined Ruam Thai Sang Chart in January and is expected to be its sole PM candidate at the next election.

Jurin expects PM to dissolve the House by March 13

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