Fewer people testing positive for Covid-19 in Thailand, records show

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Fewer people testing positive for Covid-19 in Thailand, records show

Fewer people testing positive for Covid-19 in Thailand, records show


The number of people admitted to hospital for Covid-19 dropped substantially last week, the Department of Disease Control said in its weekly report published on Monday.

In the week of February 12-18, 203 people tested positive for Covid-19 compared to 392 in the previous week.

Of the 203 Covid-19 patients recorded last week, 78 developed lung inflammation, while 51 had to be hooked up to respirators.

Last week, eight people succumbed to the virus, compared to 12 in the week of February 5-11.

The total number of Covid-19 patients admitted to hospitals and deaths this year, so far, stands at 3,912 and 233, respectively.

Meanwhile, another 351 people got their first Covid-19 shot last week, 281 their second shot and 1,218 a booster. This brings the total number of Covid-19 vaccines administered in Thailand to 144,807,129.

As per figures published by Worldometer, confirmed cases globally had risen to 678.69 million as of Monday, 651.36 million of whom have recovered, 20.53 million are active cases (40,904 in critical condition) and 6.79 million have died.

Thailand ranks 31st in the global list of most cases with 4.72 million. The US tops the list with 104.98 million cases, followed by India with 44.6 million, France with 39.5 million, Germany with 38 million and Brazil with 36.9 million.

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