Thailand hit by growing cybercrime tsunami, warns tech industry

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Thailand hit by growing cybercrime tsunami, warns tech industry

Thailand hit by growing cybercrime tsunami, warns tech industry


Government must join hands with private agencies to combat the tsunami of cybercrime, experts said during a seminar in Bangkok on Saturday.

Titled “How to maintain cybersecurity and provide a telecoms network across Thailand”, the seminar was held at Samyan Mitrtown as part of “Thailand National Cyber Week 2023” organised by the National Cyber Security Agency (NCSA).

The cybercrime wave sweeping the country is intensifying, NCSA secretary-general AVM Amorn Chomchey told the seminar.

“NCSA is working on cybersecurity management in Thailand to deal with various types of cybercrimes,” he said, adding the work included boosting digital infrastructure security and helping agencies to implement anti-cybercrime measures.

Incidents of cybercrime are growing, confirmed Kanokorn Chawang, director of the Telecommunications Regulatory Division at the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC).

She said the NBTC was issuing guidelines to lift Thailand’s cybersecurity to international standards.

“Apart from issuing cybersecurity regulations and guidelines, NBTC is cooperating with several agencies to protect them from cybercrimes, such as ensuring that the banking system will not crash,” she said.

She said NBTC guidelines would ensure telecoms operators work to the same standards, which will boost confidence among customers.

NBTC is also considering a network equipment security assurance scheme as a framework for the mobile industry.

Thailand hit by growing cybercrime tsunami, warns tech industry
Thailand hit by growing cybercrime tsunami, warns tech industry

Surachai Chatchalermphan, Huawei Technologies (Thailand)’s cybers​ecurity and privacy officer, warned that “If the security system is not safe, Thailand’s infrastructure could crash due to cyberattacks.”

He said the 2019 Cybersecurity Act is essential to ensure safety for Thailand’s internet users while vowing to enhance cybersecurity for Huawei customers.

He said all parties must work together on cybersecurity.

Thailand hit by growing cybercrime tsunami, warns tech industry

True Corporation’s cyber expert, Kittipong Thiraruengchaisri, said the volume of cybercrime had increased over the past three years as more people access internet services.

He said the company is cooperating with NCSA and NBTC to enhance cybersecurity to boost confidence among customers as well as growth in the telecoms industry.

“The company is also creating awareness among customers to keep them safe from cybercrimes,” he added.

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