Mu still rare in Thailand but other variants could be on their way: DMS #SootinClaimon.Com

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Mu still rare in Thailand but other variants could be on their way: DMS

The Delta variant accounts for 93 per cent of Covid-19 infections, according to 1,500 random samples taken over the last week by the Department of Medical Sciences (DMS).

 Meanwhile, cases of the Delta sub-variant “AY” have risen slightly but the new Mu and C1.2 variants are still rare in Thailand, said department director-general Suppakit Sirilak on Monday.

The Delta variant accounted for 97.6 per cent of cases in Bangkok and 84.8 per cent in other provinces. The Beta variant was responsible for 5 per cent of cases nationwide – 2.4 per cent in the capital and 5.7 per cent in Southern provinces where it was first detected.

The department said it has collected more than 13 million samples since last year in its mission to trace different variants.

The World Health Organisation classifies Covid-19 variants in two categories: variants of concern and variants of interest. The variants of concern are Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta – all of which are found in Thailand except Gamma. Variants of interest – classified as those which are likely to cause issues with transmission, vaccination or public health – are Eta, Iota, Kappa, Lambda and Mu.

Suppakit said the Mu variant, which was first detected at the beginning of the year in Colombia, was being closely monitored but did not yet present a concern for Thailand.

The department is cooperating with Prince of Songkla University to test 10,000 samples for variants by the end of 2021, he added.

Meanwhile, Phuket was ordered to accelerate testing on Monday, said Suppakit. He urged people not to panic if more variants were detected in Thailand.

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Published : September 06, 2021

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