P80 to expand the ‘Concentrated Longan Extract’ —P80 Natural Essence— developing it into a Cosmetics line in Germany. Launching October 2022.

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(PR News) June 17, 2022, P80 is expanding its “Concentrated Longan Extract” P80 Natural Essence into a new diverse cosmetics line under the trademark ‘P80 Phyto Prime”. It will be launched in Germany this October.

P80 to expand the ‘Concentrated Longan Extract’ ---P80 Natural Essence--- developing it into a Cosmetics line in Germany. Launching October 2022.

It was reported on June 17, 2022 at the PM80 Limited Headquarters located at Rong Meung that there was an academic and innovative seminar of a new diverse product line that would expand the “Concentrated Longan Extract” –P80 Natural Essence into the cosmetics market.

The Chairman of PM80 Limited, Prayudh Mahagitsiri welcomed Professor Dr. Gunther K. Bonn and his team, from the Austrian Drug Screening Institute (ADSI) a world renowned research institute, located in Innsbruck, Austria. The team came to Thailand and had the opportunity to visit the factory located in Lampoon province, that produces P80 Natural Essence, an all natural herbal longan concentrate that has multiple health benefits. P80 is a herbal extract that contains five Bioactive compounds GABA, Gallic Acid, Ellagic Acid, Tannic Acid and Corilagin. It is a great source of Vitamin C and has lots of anti-oxidants. It helps in improving sleep quality and helps relieve fatigue and stress.

Prayudh said that it was a great pleasure to share that P80 Natural essence, was not only beneficial to the body but it also was good for the skin- it had an illuminating and anti-aging effect. Therefore from now on P80 would be developed into a cosmetics line, under the trademark P80 Phyto Prime and Germany would be the first country where it would be launched in October 2022.

P80 to expand the ‘Concentrated Longan Extract’ ---P80 Natural Essence--- developing it into a Cosmetics line in Germany. Launching October 2022.

Prayudh Mahagitsiri also known as Thailand’s very own ‘Coffee King’ for these past years, has built factories in various industries, including the following:

  1. Instant Coffee factory- a joint venture between Nestle. 
  2. B.O.P.P Film factory.
  3. Stainless steel factory. 
  4. Copper factory – producing 99.99% pure copper.

Initially it was not easy to setup the factories, a lot of perseverance and effort was needed because it required investments of hundreds of millions of baht. Prayudh distanced himself from expanding his businesses and factories for around 30 years, but after this period he had the intention to promote the produce of the longan farmers and therefore  turned to building a factory that processed a concentrated essence from the longan fruit. This concentrated essence, P80 Natural Essence, is beneficial to the body it is a dietary supplement for consumers to have better health.

P80 to expand the ‘Concentrated Longan Extract’ ---P80 Natural Essence--- developing it into a Cosmetics line in Germany. Launching October 2022.

The ancient Chinese believe that the longan is a heavenly fruit and when eaten is very beneficial to the body. Even in the ancient Chinese Emperor’s palace, it was believed that the longan fruit was an elixir and provided many health benefits. Its benefits are as follows: 

  1. Has 5 Bioactive compounds 
  2. Increases the inner power/energy 
  3. Is high in Vitamin C 
  4. Contains Vitamin B 
  5. Has organic acids 
  6. Is very flavorful 
  7. Protects against viruses 
  8. Helps control blood pressure
  9. Improves Sleep Quality 
  10. Helps relieve back and knee pain 
  11. Is a source of antioxidants 
  12. And has anti-ageing effects.

Sorakrit Wannalak, Senior Adviser- Public Communication who is in charge of communicating and publicizing the corporate image of PM80 Limited, revealed that Prayudh was very creative and whatever he carried out he would do it to his utmost best, especially in matters that were beneficial to society, to investors, and to the nation.

“When Mr Prayudh saw the benefits of the longan fruit and had the desire to support the society, especially the longan farmers, Mr Prayudh then took the step of investing a huge sum of 2 billion bahts to initiate the project. To support this industry he built a factory that extracted a concentrated longan essence, which is sold under the brand name P80. Furthermore he invested seriously into research to develop products that are beneficial to the body and to the society as a whole. This opened up new opportunities to those who wish to promote their overall health by being able to eat good things for their better well-being and better health.”

P80 to expand the ‘Concentrated Longan Extract’ ---P80 Natural Essence--- developing it into a Cosmetics line in Germany. Launching October 2022.

To confirm the properties of the longan fruit,  according to the beliefs of the ancient Chinese and according to the texts of traditional Thai medicine as well, Prayudh has assigned the Austrian Drug Screening Institute, an internationally renowned institution in the field of analysis, to research the various properties contained in P80 Natural Essene the concentrated longan extract produced at the Lampoon factory.

After the research and analysis was completed they were delighted to inform the results, that P80 Natural Essence was rich in vitamins, had antioxidants, 5 bioactive compounds and many other benefits and could even protect against various viruses.

P80 to expand the ‘Concentrated Longan Extract’ ---P80 Natural Essence--- developing it into a Cosmetics line in Germany. Launching October 2022.

Professor Dr Gunther K. Bonn from the Austrian Drug Screening Institute, Innsbruck, Austria shared during this seminar that “I also truly believe in P80 Natural Essence and am confident in the intentions of Mr Prayudh Mahagitsiri and extremely glad to be able to search for things that are beneficial for the body. This is also to meet the needs of the new generation who want to consume things that are natural and beneficial for their health. 

“Furthermore, since the Thai people are now aware about this information, they should take the opportunity to look for P80 Natural Essence and consume it for their own health benefits. This would also allow P80 Natural Essence to create a good reputation for Thailand. I also recommend this to foreigners and the global market so that they are able to consume something beneficial that was ‘born’ in Thailand.”

Published : June 21, 2022


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