Thailand’s ‘Farm Outlets’ To Get A Makeover

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Thailand’s ‘Farm Outlets’ to get a makeover

Thailand’s ‘Farm Outlets’ To Get A Makeover



The Internal Trade Department Has Said It Will Initially Work On Modernising 10 Of 69 “Farm Outlets” Across The Country To Draw More Customers.

Wattanasak Sur-iam, the department’s director-general, said the aim is to make these shops more attractive and offer a greater variety of products. He said souvenirs and handicrafts will also be added to the shelves.

The director-general explained that the department will start off by overhauling 10 outlets from next year. He said the aim is to add value to farm produce, especially organic items and community products.

The department will also help manufacturers receive the stamp of approval from the Thai Food and Drug Administration as well as get “halal” certification.

The director-general said producers will also be encouraged to register their brands and trademarks.

Thailand’s ‘Farm Outlets’ to get a makeoverThe 10 outlets will be linked up, so they can exchange goods to enhance sales and reduce waste.

The Internal Trade Department plans to expand sales channels for farm products by seeking shelf space in department stores and supermarkets, as well as launching campaigns to promote awareness.

The department has been helping farmers open farm outlets since 2009. So far, 69 such outlets have been established in 40 provinces and they earn between 50,000 and 1.5 million baht per month, Wattanasak said.Thailand’s ‘Farm Outlets’ to get a makeover


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