Things To Do In A 5 Star Beachfront Hotel

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Things to Do in a 5 Star Beachfront Hotel

Things To Do In A 5 Star Beachfront Hotel



Thavorn Palm Beach Resort Is A 5 Star Beachfront Hotel On Karon Beach. The Resort Boasts Three Public Swimming Pools, Giant Water Slides, Beautiful Botanical Gardens, Six Excellent Dining Options, Amazing Accommodations, And Much More. At This Beachfront Hotel You’ll Never Lack For Having Experiences Or Activities, As The Hotel Offers All You Need To Have A Relaxing And Enjoyable Time Right On Their Grounds.

Giant Water Slides

Right on the resort’s grounds are four water slides up to 14 meters tall. These slides include four different layouts: curved, wide, spiral, and roller coaster spiral and all the slides are equally fast, fun, and exciting. Whether you’re vacationing with your kids or want to try them out yourself, these slides are sure to be an enjoyable ride. 

Animal Petting Zoo

This animal petting zoo was only recently created at the resort, and is a dedicated space for guests and their kids to meet and greet an assortment of adorable animals. Young children can feed and pet the friendly and docile animals. This Animal Petting Zoo is the perfect activity for kids.  

Botanical Gardens

At Thavorn Palm Beach Resort there are 12 acres of land dedicated to greenery and gardening. Not only are there a wide variety of plants, flowers, trees and greenery to discover, there are also some friendly animals including rabbits, roosters, and tortoises. Let the resort’s nature create an atmosphere of tranquility and peacefulness around you. 

Pizza Making Classes

If you’ve ever fancied yourself a chef, this is the perfect opportunity to put your skills to the test. At Ciao PIzza and Grill, you can make various types of Neapolitan pizzas which originally come from the Italian city of Naples. With this activity, you can learn how to bake a pizza to perfection to impress your family and friends back home. 

Chaba Swim-Up Pool Bar

After a tiring day of enjoying the water slides or seeing the various animals who call Thavorn Palm Beach Resort home, this pool bar is the perfect place to rest up and relax. At the Chaba Swim-Up Pool Bar you can order a refreshing soft drink, beer or signature cocktails while sitting on the many submerged stools. Enjoy your drink while half submerged in the waters of the pool cool off after a long hot day. 

Overall there are a variety of activities that can be enjoyed at Thavorn Palm Beach Resort and each of these activities can be highly fulfilling and enjoyable. Whether you want to enjoy a wet and wild ride with the water slides, meet some friendly animals with the petting zoo, enjoy the sense of nature and tranquility in the botanical gardens, bake a killer pizza at Ciao Pizza and Grill, or enjoy a nice cold drink at Chaba Swim-Up Pool Bar, this resort has a myriad of activities for you to enjoy.

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