Scoot gives Bangkok flyers the Pokemon experience in unique Pikachu Jet

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Scoot gives Bangkok flyers the Pokemon experience in unique Pikachu Jet

Scoot gives Bangkok flyers the Pokemon experience in unique Pikachu Jet


Jarupong Krisanaraj

In a bid to offer an extraordinary experience to passengers in the post-Covid-19 era, Singaporean low-cost airline Scoot operated its first Pokémon-themed Pikachu Jet, which landed at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport on Tuesday.

Scoot, a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, is the first airline in the Asean region to launch an exclusive design in collaboration with The Pokémon Company, the Japan-based company responsible for the media franchise.

The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft was designed with yellow petals and leaves inspired by flower scents. It has a capacity of 375 seats, comprising 35 seats in ScootPlus business class and 340 seats in economy class.

Famous Pokémon characters, namely Pikachu, Pichu, Shaymin, Psyduck, Lapras, Celebi and Meganium, are depicted on the fuselage.

Scoot gives Bangkok flyers the Pokemon experience in unique Pikachu Jet

Inside the aircraft, passengers can look forward to eye-catching character prints on the seats and overhead cabins, as well as Pokémon-themed amenities and Japanese-inspired dishes.

Passengers can also purchase exclusive merchandise while making their booking on the Pikachu Jet or when onboard these flights, including lanyard, tote bag, and bucket hat.

Scoot gives Bangkok flyers the Pokemon experience in unique Pikachu Jet

“The Pokémon Air Adventures flight experience resonates with our fun and innovative brand DNA, and we are excited to bring smiles to travellers going into and out of Bangkok,” Scoot chief commercial officer Calvin Chan said.

“Thailand remains one of Scoot’s important markets and we are committed to connecting travellers between Thailand and other parts of the world,” he added.

Scoot gives Bangkok flyers the Pokemon experience in unique Pikachu Jet

Scoot is initially operating its Pikachu Jet in five countries – Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, and South Korea.

The next to-and-from flight on the Singapore-Bangkok route will be operated on March 15.

For more information about Scoot’s Pikachu Jet, visit www.flyscoot .com/en/discover/escape-with-scoot/pokemon-pikachu-jet-flights.

Scoot gives Bangkok flyers the Pokemon experience in unique Pikachu Jet

Japan-based All Nippon Airways (ANA) unveiled the world’s first Pokémon Jet on July 1, 1998, two years after the appearance of a Pokémon video game. As many as 10 Pokémon jets have been unveiled by ANA so far.

Other Japanese airlines that have unveiled their Pokémon jets since 2020 are: Solaseed Air (December 19, 2020), Skymark Airlines (June 21, 2021) and Air Do (November 19, 2021).

Scoot gives Bangkok flyers the Pokemon experience in unique Pikachu Jet

Scoot became the first non-Japanese airline to introduce a Pokémon Jet on July 17 last year, followed by China Airlines (September 30) and T’way Air (December 28).

Scoot gives Bangkok flyers the Pokemon experience in unique Pikachu Jet

Pokémon video games are developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo and the Pokémon Company under the Pokémon media franchise.

The monsters, created by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori, first showed up in 1996 in Game Boy handheld consoles in Japan as Pocket Monsters Red and Green, before going international as Pokémon Red and Blue.

The main series of role-playing video games (RPGs), referred to as the “core series” by their developers, have starred in each generation of Nintendo handhelds with different Pokémon, storylines and characters.

While the main series were developed by Game Freak, several other companies have developed spinoffs encompassing other genres like action role-playing, puzzles, fighting and digital pet games.

Scoot gives Bangkok flyers the Pokemon experience in unique Pikachu Jet

Pokémon is said to be the largest media franchise, with successful anime series, films and merchandise, with spinoff games like Pokémon Go having crossed 1 billion downloads worldwide. As of March 2022, the series had sold over 440 million units worldwide.

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AIS Business aims to accelerate achievement of digital transformation for Thai enterprises

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AIS Business aims to accelerate achievement of digital transformation for Thai enterprises

AIS Business aims to accelerate achievement of digital transformation for Thai enterprises


Nongluck Ajanapanya

AIS Business, a subsidiary of Advanced Info Service (AIS), intends to play a key role in enabling local and regional enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation.

AIS Business will focus on accelerating growth beyond pandemic recovery, modernising trusted digital infrastructure to improve efficiency, agility, and security, and creating sustainable business with digital solutions, according to the company’s business direction for 2023

Tanapong Ittisakulchai, AIS chief enterprise business officer, told a media briefing on Monday that most Thai businesses, particularly small and medium enterprises, are still in the early stages of digital transformation. He said AIS Business wants to be their partner in providing 5G technology that is customised to what SMEs want for their own solutions.

He pointed to a big gap between the country’s aspirations and its current situation. “If the country’s goal is Thailand 4.0, Thai businesses are still at 2.0,” he pointed out.

“Most of them recognise their own pain points while looking for solutions that are unique to them. AIS Business will consult with them and assist them in locating the appropriate technology or digital solution from our territory,” Tanapong said.

“This year will see the creation of a complete digital business ecosystem that will meet the needs of every organisation in every dimension,” he vowed.

He said the company would continue to focus on five strategies: connecting the 5G ecosystem to improve businesses; improving secured network performance with intelligent networks; improving trusted digital infrastructure and platform of cloud and data centre; improving digital marketing and data-driven business capability; and delivering solution and managed services by trusted professionals.

He expected double-digit growth for AIS Business this year and to expand its partners as much as possible. AIS Business currently has over 200 partners, including technology companies, government agencies, industry experts, and SMEs and startups.

Central Retail plans major investment in 2023 for 15% boost in revenue

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Central Retail plans major investment in 2023 for 15% boost in revenue

Central Retail plans major investment in 2023 for 15% boost in revenue


Nongluck Ajanapanya

Central Retail Corporation (CRC), Thailand’s leading multi-format and multi-category retailing platform, intends to invest 28 billion baht this year with the goal of generating 270 billion baht in total revenue this year.

The target would be a 15% increase over 2022.

Yol Phokasub, CRC’s chief executive officer, told a press conference on Monday that this investment would accelerate monumental growth within five business groups while prioritising sustainable growth and leading the retail business to a strong future.

CRC Five’s core businesses include food, fashion, hardline, property, and health and wellness.

Yol said that the decision was made as the CRC sees various positive signs in both the retail and service sectors, as well as how the economy and tourism are fully revitalising themselves, together with China reopening its country, and consumer purchasing power recovering at a promising rate.

The company’s long-term growth will be driven by four major strategies, he explained.

The first is to accelerate its core business growth in three major markets: Thailand, Vietnam, and Italy. Diversifying customers, opening new branches, maintaining a conservative cash flow, and renovating community malls will all contribute to growth.

The second strategy is to improve its omni-retail platform with the help of technology and AI to provide an exceptional customer experience, he said.

The third goal is to create new growth pillars by focusing on new exciting and sizeable businesses that would better meet customer needs and strengthen our position in both Thailand and Vietnam.

The fourth strategy is to form alliances through acquisition, joint investment, and even spin-off, Yol said.

“The four strategies that have been discussed and implemented have positioned Central Retail well towards ‘The Next Sustainable Growth’,” said Yol.

“We will continue to develop and grow the business sustainably as the nation’s first green and sustainable retail through these four strategies.”

Other CRC goals for this year include committing to 30% energy consumption from clean and renewable sources in the property business, 10% waste diversion to landfill, 10% reduction in water consumption, 20% eco-friendly and sustainably sourced products, and 5,000 rai (800 hectares) of green area and forestation to achieve net-zero green house gas emissions.

The announcement was made following a successful year in 2022 in which CRC was able to expand its business portfolio and achieve exponential growth in Thailand, Vietnam, and Italy across all business groups. This has resulted in a 20% increase in total revenue, exceeding CRC’s performance target for 2022.

Bangkok Airways suspends 1 domestic and 1 Vietnam route

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Bangkok Airways suspends 1 domestic and 1 Vietnam route

Bangkok Airways suspends 1 domestic and 1 Vietnam route


Bangkok Airways is indefinitely suspending its Bangkok-Hat Yai and Bangkok-Danang routes from next month and will refund passengers who booked tickets in advance, it announced on Sunday.

Flights between Bangkok and Hat Yai will be suspended from March 1 and flights on the Bangkok-Danang, Vietnam, will be suspended from May 1, the airline said.

The suspension will continue until further notice, the airline added.Bangkok Airways suspends 1 domestic and 1 Vietnam route

Passengers who have booked tickets on the two routes after the suspension takes effect have three options:

– Receive travel vouchers for other routes.

– Receive a full refund for their tickets.

– Ask Bangkok Airways to switch their flight to another carrier.

The company apologised for the inconvenience and said passengers can contact its hotline (1771) or visit ticket reservation offices if they have any questions.

WorldHotels​ announces plan to add 50 new properties in 2023

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WorldHotels​ announces plan to add 50 new properties in 2023

WorldHotels​ announces plan to add 50 new properties in 2023


Tammy Tameryn Somhar

The WorldHotels Group plans to open 50 new properties worldwide this year, including 14 in the Asia-Pacific region, executives at the group said at its annual conference in Bangkok.

“We will increase our visibility and build customer relationships,” group CEO Larry Cuculic told the 110 global managers and leaders attending the conference at the Carlton Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit.

In 2019, Best Western Hotels & Resorts acquired the WorldHotels brand, adding about 300 hotels and resorts to its global portfolio.

The deal helped rapidly expand Best Western’s diverse properties with an e-commerce platform and expand its portfolio.

WorldHotels says its key strengths are in its partnerships, a loyalty program, and sales and marketing.

WorldHotels​ announces plan to add 50 new properties in 2023

Last year, WorldHotels had 50 hotels in the Asia-Pacific region, with a combined 19,400 rooms. It also had a strong development pipeline in the region, specifically in Vietnam where several projects were underway.

WorldHotels Asia-Pacific strategy this year will see it focus on Southeast Asia due to emerging star Vietnam. Vietnam is​ expected​ to​ continue ​to be its​ priority despite the government’s​ tougher regulation on hotels, resorts, and condotels.

While there is plenty of potential for Thailand, several resort spots are de-branding themselves. These indications are regarded as possibilities, according to executives at the meeting.

They confirmed that two new projects will open in Thailand this year.

WorldHotels​ announces plan to add 50 new properties in 2023

Ron Pohl, president of WorldHotels, said the company would focus on raising its profile and investing in technology this year:

“We are going to concentrate on a few essential points. First, by working with international PR firms, we hope to raise our profile’s visibility and the number of hotels joining our group. Second, we must make investments in technology, since it is vital to the operation of the company. This year, we’ve made an investment of US$85 million in technology alone. To build the revenue management platform, we collaborated closely with Sabre Hospitality Solutions. As a result, we can guarantee that the backend system will better serve all hotels.”

Nation Thailand had exclusive interviews with Cuculic, Poh and vice-president Olivier Berrivin.[From left to right] Mr. Olivier Berrivin, VP, International Operations ASPAC, Mr. Larry Cuculic, President & CEO, BWH Hotel Group, Mr. Ron Pohl, President, International Operations & WorldHotels, Mr. Wytze VanDenBerg, VP,International Operation EMEA,  and Mr. Gregory Habeeb, President, North American WorldHotels.[From left to right] Mr. Olivier Berrivin, VP, International Operations ASPAC, Mr. Larry Cuculic, President & CEO, BWH Hotel Group, Mr. Ron Pohl, President, International Operations & WorldHotels, Mr. Wytze VanDenBerg, VP,International Operation EMEA, and Mr. Gregory Habeeb, President, North American WorldHotels.

I was wondering if you are one of the very few CEOs in the global hotel industry with a background in law.

Cuculic: Yes, I was a lawyer before. It teaches me to think strategically, and that skill set is transferred to my new responsibilities. Being a lawyer allows me to be involved across all responsibilities, including brand management, financial matters, and so on. I used to look at everything from a lawyer’s viewpoint, but now I look at things differently from a business perspective because I have a lawyer who works for me. There is still a part of me that will never forget that I am a lawyer. I am maybe more conservative by nature, I think.

You came to Thailand in 2015. What are the most important changes you’ve seen in Bangkok and in the hotel business since then?

Cuculic: The growth of Bangkok is evident as you can see all the buildings outside. It is phenomenal how the city can grow as much as it has in the several years that I have been here. In terms of the hotel business, I think the hotel industry here in Bangkok has grown tremendously because of the demand for travel. Lots of people want to visit Thailand.

Berrivin: The number of hotels joining WorldHotels is increasing, and there are also more international hotel chains coming to Thailand. Back then, five years ago, Thai hospitality was No 1, as people knew it as the land of smiles. However, we rarely see the Thai flavour in the huge hotel chain service, whereas we try to retain that best quality in Thai hospitality at all levels.

Mr. Larry Cuculic, President & CEO, BWH Hotel GroupMr. Larry Cuculic, President & CEO, BWH Hotel Group

When WorldHotels was acquired in 2019 and then got hit by COVID-19, what were the biggest changes in how you ran your business and managed it?

Cuculic: We were there when they needed us the most. We were very thoughtful with our hoteliers, making sure that they had the support they needed to sustain themselves through the pandemic. We did whatever we could to support them in terms of providing them advice and the brand standard, which would help the safety department not just welcome customers but take care of their health and well-being. So we are establishing the program to provide hoteliers with the protocol to get through the pandemic. So we did that very differently, and we adapted it very quickly. We work with the hotel to make sure that they have that kind of support. We understand if some hotels want to close. Because of the pandemic, we worked with them and knew the epidemic would end eventually. We were really focused on the relationship between the hoteliers and us. We also focused on sales as best as we could because there were still some sales opportunities … Some of our hotels turned themselves into safe lodging for Covid victims who needed a place to stay for a period of time, or a place for quarantine. Also, in Europe, some of our partners turned themselves into refugee housing units; they were escaping from Ukraine. That’s a good story to tell.

Pohl: What WorldHotels had I think you wouldn’t see from other hotel chains. All hoteliers in the conference room this morning could pick up the phone and call Olivier, me or Larry anytime and we answered the phone. This is not a push it down to someone else in the organisation [style of management]. We are available to any owners, any general managers who want to call us.

Mr. Ron Pohl, President, International Operations & WorldHotelsMr. Ron Pohl, President, International Operations & WorldHotels

You once went on a “listening tour” to hear what your employees had to say. Did you do that while you were here? So far, what have you learned?

Cuculic: No, I haven’t, but that is a great idea. I probably should have done that. When I took over the job, I went on a listening tour across North America. All the hoteliers can come and provide me with some feedback, and I will create the atmosphere that will help the employees feel free to give me their real comments. If they want to criticise the marketing team, then the marketing team should not be in the meeting. I just want them to know that they can tell me the truth without any pressure or hurting someone’s feelings.

As I heard your speech at the conference, it gave me that vibe of winning spirit. Can you tell me how to pass that on to your employees?

Cuculic: I am a very social person. Every day I will walk around the building and put on a smile. I interacted with them and asked, ‘How was your day going?’ I enjoy that interaction of getting to know people. I even held the campaign, ‘Lunch with Larry’, which allows me and employees to have lunch together, one on 25 employees, and last week we just talked about rock and roll during lunch. We just want to make sure that we care about them and that they are making a difference. I also encourage a work-life balance, and I think it is tremendously important that you take care of your family. The other thing you have to do is have a plan to take care of your employees; make sure their compensation is fair; make sure they have a benefit program; and everything else … you have to go beyond the smiling face.

WorldHotels is getting a lot bigger. Can you tell me what makes independent hotels want to join your group?

Pohl: The short answer to that is you got the support of the global organisation behind them without all the costs they would have if they tried to do it themselves … The independent hotels could have a loyalty program, but how many people are going to be a part of that? The cost is too expensive to do it on their own with limited returns. Connect to [us] and now you have access to 55 million rewards members. We have invested $85 million dollars this year just in technology alone, so you have all of these resources available for hotels, including education and training for the staff that help you navigate all of that, so there is no downside to doing it. The service at WorldHotels is very flexible. We want to do what makes you more profitable, not just charge you.

One last question is: How does Thailand play a role in WorldHotels’ portfolio?

Berrivin: One of our top priorities is to open as many properties as we can. We have one more hotel that will be opening soon in Phuket. We just want to make sure that we have the right products in the right places. We do not want to develop too much so that we don’t create unnecessary competition.

Thai hospitality group adding 11 properties in Asia this year

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Thai hospitality group adding 11 properties in Asia this year

Thai hospitality group adding 11 properties in Asia this year


Chanapat Komlongharn

ONYX Hospitality Group, a Thai-based hotel management company, is planning to add 11 hotels, resorts, and serviced apartments this year in Asia, including five in Southeast Asia, said its CEO Yuthachai Charanachitta.

It will open three properties in Malaysia, two in China, and one each in the Maldives, Thailand, Japan, Laos, Sri Lanka, and Hong Kong SAR, Yuthachai said.

The company expects to generate up to 8.8 billion baht in revenue this year, a 60% rise from last year. Its revenue reached 7 billion baht in 2019, but plunged to 3 billion baht in 2020, during the first year of the pandemic.

It owns the AmariOZO, and Shama brands, among others. The company operates 44 properties, most (82%) under management contracts. It owns the rest.

Yuthachai said Southeast Asia remains its focus as it is Asia’s most popular region for tourism, adding that the region’s tourism industry was one of the first to bounce back.

“Travellers and expatriates are eyeing the region for holidays, businesses, or new homes,” Yuthachai said.

Thai hospitality group adding 11 properties in Asia this year

Malaysia is a compelling market for hospitality businesses due to its size and high spending power and substantial inflow of business travellers, he said.

China, by contrast, has not yet seen a full recovery in its tourism sector despite its reopening, he said, adding that foreign vacations were primarily limited to wealthy Chinese nationals.

Thai hospitality group adding 11 properties in Asia this year

ONYX is positioning itself to be the top medium-sized hotel management company in Southeast Asia. Its customers are primarily from outside the region, Yuthachai said, listing the United Kingdom, Germany, and Russia as its top three markets in that order.

Thai hospitality group adding 11 properties in Asia this year

Thanachart Bank has forecast that Thailand will receive 28 million foreign tourists this year and that they will generate about 2.2 trillion baht in income.

Yuthachai, however, said three impediments could hinder the growth of the tourism industry: the war between Russia and Ukraine, inflation, and the high cost of living.

Thailand’s air pollution problem is not a major problem because it is temporary, he said.

ONYX is in talks with low-cost airlines to develop promotions and marketing campaigns to attract more tourists to the region, Yuthachai said.

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GULF receives environmental governance award 2022 (green star – white flag)

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GULF receives environmental governance award 2022 (green star – white flag)

GULF receives environmental governance award 2022 (green star – white flag)


Gulf Group (GULF), represented by Mr Smith Banomyong, Chief Operating Officer – Group Asset Management & Investment, has received environmental governance award for the GKP1 and GKP2 power plants from Dr Veeris Ammarapala, Governor, the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand. The ceremony was held at the ballroom, Pullman King Power Hotel, Bangkok.

Gulf Group (GULF) has received environmental governance awards and certificates from Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) as a result of GKP1 and GKP2 power plants’ best-in-class environmental governance practices, reflecting excellent environmental management including green area management, drainage systems, water and sewage management, air quality management, employee safety and health, as well as promoting the local economy and improving quality of life of communities surrounding the power plants. This reiterates the company’s social responsibility in every aspect.

Mr Smith Banomyong, Chief Operating Officer – Group Asset Management & InvestmentMr Smith Banomyong, Chief Operating Officer – Group Asset Management & Investment

Since 2019, four power plants under Gulf Group, consisting of GVTP, GTS1, GTS 3, and GTS4, received environmental governance awards and certificates. This reaffirms the company’s commitment in efficient resource management to achieve best-in-class standards, while remaining socially and environmentally responsible in the area where the company operates.

Dr Veeris Ammarapala, Governor of the IEATDr Veeris Ammarapala, Governor of the IEAT

The environmental governance awards event is an initiative that aims to increase the community’s involvement in inspecting and supervising factories in industrial estates. The audit committee of the industrial estate is comprised of IEAT officials, community representatives, and local government agencies. Its purpose is to encourage factories in industrial estates to adopt environmental governance principles, and social responsibility in order to boost the confidence from all sectors as well as promote the sustainable growth of the industry and community.

GKP1-2 Environmental Governance AwardsGKP1-2 Environmental Governance Awards

Amex moving for bigger share of Thai luxury spending

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Amex moving for bigger share of Thai luxury spending

Amex moving for bigger share of Thai luxury spending


Nongluck Ajanapanya

American Express Thailand is offering premium cardholders more benefits and services and expanding the number of merchants who accept payment with Amex cards in Thailand, as the US company moves to take its share of post-pandemic luxury spending.

Prom Sirisant, Thailand country manager for American Express, told a media briefing on Wednesday that its data showed very promising spending trends in the premium and “super premium” segments of the Thai market.

Prom, who is also vice president of international services for American Express Thailand, said there was pent-up demand for “premium experiences”.

People are spending more money on hotels, restaurants, and other social activities after two years of lockdowns, he said.

“To reinforce our leadership position among these high-spending customers, we will update our platinum card benefits while keeping the annual fee unchanged. The total value of all benefits will exceed our annual fee [by] three times,” Prom said.

A platinum card costs 35,000 baht a year.

Prom SirisantProm Sirisant

Prom said the enhanced benefits for platinum cards were available now, and included credits for dining and travel.

Prom said that expanding the number of Thai merchants who accepted payment with Amex cards was a priority.

He said that, according to the company’s data, Thai Amex card users “spend 3.5 times more on average” than those who use other credit cards.

From 2017 to 2021, American Express increased the number of merchants who accept payment by its card outside the US by 128% – from 16 million to 36.5 million locations, Prom said.

Fujitsu chief in Thailand seeks inner transformation

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Fujitsu chief in Thailand seeks inner transformation

Fujitsu chief in Thailand seeks inner transformation


Jarupong Krisanaraj

Technology alone cannot make companies achieve digital transformation, Kanokkamon Laohaburanakit, managing director of Fujitsu (Thailand), said on Wednesday.

Internal transformation is also necessary to cope with technological disruption, drive a company towards sustainability, and gain trust among employees and consumers, Kanokkamon said.

The challenge in digital transformation is changing employees’ mindsets as they may feel uncertain about new things, she said.

“Fujitsu highlights that internal transformation is essential and very important. Every employee is important to drive the organisation towards sustainability,” Kanokkamon said.

The company uses the principle “Fujitra” (Fujitsu Transformation) to help it improve internally, she said, adding that the concept includes leadership and culture, is data-driven, and focused on digital transformation.

Employees around the world are allowed to work anywhere and go to their offices only when required, she said, adding that the principle boosts trust among employees and consumers.

The principle also enables Fujitsu to help customers cope with digital transformation and achieve their sustainable goals effectively, she said.

Kanokkamon LaohaburanakitKanokkamon Laohaburanakit

Fujitsu has 124,000 employees in over 100 countries. In Thailand, it employs 408 people.

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Centara Expands Customer Experience with New Thai Airways Partnership Ahead of Centara Grand Hotel Osaka Debut

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Centara Expands Customer Experience with New Thai Airways Partnership Ahead of Centara Grand Hotel Osaka Debut

Centara Expands Customer Experience with New Thai Airways Partnership Ahead of Centara Grand Hotel Osaka Debut


Centara Hotels & Resorts, announces a partnership with Thai Airways to offer  passengers exclusive benefits ahead of the grand opening of Centara Grand Hotel Osaka, Centara’s first-ever property in Japan in July 2023.

This partnership marks the latest addition to Centara’s expanding airline partnership network which includes Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, Thai Vietjet, Go First, Myanmar Airways International, and Vistara Airways.

“As we prepare for the highly anticipated launch of our debut property in Japan, we are thrilled to partner with Thai Airways to offer their network an array of exclusive benefits and to welcome travellers for the first time to this exciting new hotel, Centara Grand Hotel Osaka. Elegant, modern and conveniently located in the heart of downtown, our latest hotel is ideal for business travellers, families, couples, and solo explorers looking to discover breathtaking Osaka and enjoy Centara’s signature service and warm hospitality”, said Tom Thrussell, Vice President – Brand, Marketing & Digital of Centara Hotels & Resorts.

The new marketing partnership offers Thai Airways passengers an exclusive introductory rate of 25% off the lowest publicly available online rates at the brand-new Centara Grand Hotel Osaka with bookings made from now – 30th June 2023 for stays between 1st July – 20th December 2023.

Located in the vibrant shopping and entertainment district of Namba, Centara Osaka is a remarkable landmark soaring 33-storeys above downtown. Guests will discover an eclectic selection of world-class bars and restaurants, including a rooftop dining destination with spectacular views, an assortment of accommodation choices designed for sophisticated comfort, Japan’s first-ever SPA Cenvaree, and modern event and meeting spaces, including MICE facilities, a rooftop Sky Event space and Grand Ballroom, for any occasion.

“With the reopening of Japan to international tourism, Thai Airways is excited to partner with Centara to welcome our passengers back to Osaka and to experience the brand-new Centara Grand Hotel Osaka with exclusive privileges and introductory rates. Japan is a phenomenal destination, and we look forward to sharing its beauty with our customers once again with this new Centara partnership”, said Mr. Wit Kitchathorn, Director of Sales of Thai Airways.

Spectacular modern architecture at Centara Grand Hotel OsakaSpectacular modern architecture at Centara Grand Hotel Osaka

All passenger traveling with THAI to Osaka can enjoy this exclusive offers by simply fill out THAI’s ticket numbers in booking link that we promote in all online channel.

Currently, THAI operates 54 weekly flights to six destinations in Japan which are Tokyo (Narita/Haneda), Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Sapporo. For more information, reservation and ticketing, please visit or call 0-2356-1111 for THAI Contact Center (24 hours a day)

 Under the Centara x Thai Airways promotion, guests will not only receive a special introductory offer of 25% off the best available room rate when logged in as a CentaraThe1 member. This is lower than any publicly available rate and exclusive to Thai Airways passengers. Other privileges also include complimentary room upgrades, early check-in, and late check-out which are all subject to availability, as well as a 25% discount on food at Embassy of Crab or Suan Bua restaurants. In addition, guests who order 2 or more set menus at either of these restaurants will receive one complimentary bottle of wine.

Travellers who are not yet members of Centara’s loyalty programme can sign up for free in less than a minute, and immediately start enjoying benefits and earning points. To take advantage of all CentaraThe1 membership privileges, sign-up or sign-in now at

To book or learn more about Centara x Thai Airways offer, please visit