Mazda occupies 3rd place in Thailand passenger car market

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Mazda occupies 3rd place in Thailand passenger car market

Mazda occupies 3rd place in Thailand passenger car market


Mazda announces that it achieved business performance in 2022 as expected with cumulative sales almost 32,000 units despite experiencing internal and external factors affecting the strength of the organization and dealer.

Particularly, the Mazda2 was able to maintain its popularity and it was ranked as the third position in the B-car including eco-car market, resulting in the cumulative sales of Mazda passenger car achieving the third position in the automotive market permanently.

The four crossover SUV models of the CX-Series also created a sales record and it was ranked in the fourth position in the SUV market with more than 12,000 units sold.

For this year, Mazda plans to launch new models to the market throughout the year, especially aiming to take care of customers and enhance customer satisfaction through the “Retention Business Model” to deliver excellent long-term customer experience, and sets a sales target of 35,000 units or increase by 10%.

Thai economy in 2022 recovered from the previous 2 years due to the recovery of private consumption and the positive factors from the increase of consumer confidence resulting from government policies. Especially, from the reopening of the country that helped restore the money back to the economic system and pushed businesses to move forward, which was the same direction as the Thai automotive business.

The demand for cars has returned and we have received supporting factors from the entering of new automotive brands; the Chinese brands, as well as the promotional campaign from various brands.

As a result, the Thai automotive market in 2022 grew approximately 12% from the previous year and had cumulative sales of about 850,000 units (estimated number), which was the same number as expected at the beginning of the year.

Mazda occupies 3rd place in Thailand passenger car market

Tadashi Miura, President of Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd, said, “Today Mazda announces that Mazda is moving forward with its Mid-Term Plan to increase Mazda brand value in Thailand through “Retention Business Model” by focusing on Brand Value Management and Customer Retention Business to deliver customer’s best experience with aftersales-service under the concept “All for Customer”. The purpose is to adjust Mazda business for growth and sustainability. This is an important policy that Mazda will adhere to as a guideline to formulate a strategy from today and will never change even if times or executives change. This policy will remain and will never change.”

For Mazda, although we had been in the midst of fierce competition and the shortage of semi-conductor since the beginning of the year, we were almost able to achieve the sales target. Most importantly, the passenger car Mazda2 was able to remain its popularity and created a sales record as the third position in the B-Car including Eco Car market with cumulative sales at 16,249 units and supported Mazda to achieve the third position in the passenger car market for over a half decade with the 17,810 units sold. Moreover, the Mazda CX-Series was able to generate substantial sales of 12,322 units. Therefore, in 2022, Mazda had cumulative sales of 31,638 units and remained its popularity with the sixth position in the Thai automotive market.

“At present, Mazda has 8 car models available in Thailand. The best-selling passenger car is Mazda2 while the Mazda CX-30 is the most popular crossover SUV. When considering cumulative sales of each model in 2022, it can be divided into 16,249 units of Mazda2, 1,553 units of Mazda3 and 8 units of the sports roadster Mazda MX-5. In the meantime, the crossover SUV Mazda CX-30 contributed 6,092 units, followed by 4,249 units of Mazda CX-3, 1,157 units of Mazda CX-8 and 824 units of Mazda CX-5 while the Mazda BT-50 contributed another 1,506 units. The cumulative sales of Mazda represent Mazda’s success. We would like to show our appreciation to customers for choosing Mazda to be your trusted vehicle in every journey.” Tadashi Miura added.

Moreover, Tadashi Miura also revealed his vision toward the 2023 economic outlook, “It is expected that the economy will grow constantly but will not be remarkable because there are positive and negative factors that needed to keep an eye on. For example, the price problem and energy shortage in Europe, the prolongation of the war between Russia and Ukraine, monetary policy, cost increases from inflation, the Covid-19 situation in China and the risk of an economic recession.

However, in Thailand, there are still supporting factors, especially tourism and consumption of the private sector which are important factors supporting and stimulating the economy. Since the middle of last year, it can be seen that the tourism sector has recovered from the increasing number of tourists and it was expected that we would receive more support from Chinese tourists because China has lifted the Covid-19 measure. It is believed that these factors will help alleviate the impact of global economic volatility and economic slowdown in Thailand.” 

Miura also showed his vision towards the direction of the 2023 Thai automotive industry, “It is forecasted that the sales volume of the automotive market will be equivalent to last year. Although there are many more supporting factors stimulating the economy than the previous year, e.g., tourism, the growth of the agricultural sector, recovering of public consumption and the shortage of semi-conductor began to resolve. We have to keep an eye on the conflict between the USA and China, the conflict and energy crisis in Europe, and the increase in price and logistics that inevitably affects Thailand’s imports and export. In addition, the rising cost of living is another factor that slows down consumers’ purchasing power and it is believed that the competition in the automotive market will be more intense because there are new brands introduced to the Thai market. Nevertheless, it is expected that the sales volume of the automotive market will be equivalent to last year or about 850,000 – 870,000 units while Mazda is confident that our sales performance will grow about 10% or has approximately 35,000 units.”

Mazda occupies 3rd place in Thailand passenger car market

Thee Permpongpanth, Senior Vice President of Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd, said, “For the 2023 strategy, Mazda is committed to moving forward with the Mid-Term Plan through Retention Business Model that focuses on enhancing brand value (Brand Value Management) by improving customer experience at all touchpoints. The aim of the strategy is to create customer satisfaction throughout the ownership period of Mazda vehicles and create sustainable growth for the Mazda brand in Thailand. The strategy of Mazda is as follows,

Marketing strategy: Strengthen Mazda’s brand value by using effective marketing tools. Importantly, utilizing a digital platform to communicate with customers and Mazda Fan through One-to-One Communication, utilizing a centralized customer database and consolidating it into Global One Customer Data Management while creating customer experience and satisfaction at all touchpoints at the same time.

Sales Strategy: Establish a standardised sales policy to avoid price competition and create the highest customer satisfaction along with increasing the number of customers who love the brand. In addition, we aim to encourage customers’ re-purchase with Mazda CPO to offer more choices for customers who are looking for quality used cars that have been certified by Mazda as well as create sustainability for the Mazda brand in Thailand.

Product Strategy: Adopt the Human-Centricity Philosophy to improve Mazda’s unique products in order to deliver a joyful and fun driving experience to customers through the ownership of the car along with the determination to develop products that meet the needs of daily use and meet the changing consumer behaviour. Mazda plans to improve the products and launch them to the market in every quarter of 2023. At the same time, Mazda is committed to following its mission towards sustainability by 2030 or the Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030 by establishing the foundation to offer an environmentally friendly energy form under the right circumstance and time to endeavour for carbon neutrality by 2050.

After-sales service and dealer network strategy: Collaborate with dealers across the country to enhance the customer experience in terms of sales and after-sales service through the “All for Customers” concept to maximize customer satisfaction and create a long-term relationship with the after-sales service program that helps reduce the burden of expenses. In addition, we aim to enhance relationships and work together with dealers which is in line with One Mazda’s approach toward sustainability.

“All mentioned above is Mazda’s 2022 business performance and 2023 business plan. We are committed to delivering happiness to customers, partners and all parties to drive the Mazda brand to grow sustainably with automotive technology that offers comfort and environmental friendliness, which is in line with the Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030 to bring about a beautiful earth and to enrich people’s lives as well as society.” Thee added. 

Auto manufacturers likely to raise prices next year due to rising costs: FTI

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Auto manufacturers likely to raise prices next year due to rising costs: FTI

Auto manufacturers likely to raise prices next year due to rising costs: FTI


The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) on Tuesday predicted that auto manufacturers would raise the prices of vehicles next year because of rising costs.

FTI vice chairman and spokesman for the FTI’s Auto Industry Group Surapong Paisit-Pattanapong said rising labour and electricity costs would leave auto-makers with no choice but to raise their prices accordingly.

Surapong added, however, that the increase in auto retail prices would have no impact on the economic recovery.

He said Thailand’s economy would continue to recover because of foreign tourist arrivals, which would double to 20 or 21 million people next year from 10 million this year.

He said the FTI was confident of economic growth because the government would further implement economic stimulus measures and would continue programmes to guarantee crop prices for farmers. These measures would improve money circulation in the economic system, he added.

His group predicted that about 1.85 million to 1.95 million vehicles would be made in Thailand next year.

The Auto Industry Group also believes that the sale of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) would expand from about 10,000 units of BEVs to about 25,000-35,000 units next year, Surapong said.

His group was confident because of government initiatives to promote the use of BEVs with subsidies of 150,000 baht and reduction of import tariffs from 8% to 2%, prompting several auto manufacturers to select Thailand as their BEV manufacturing base.

In addition, Thais have also become more environmentally aware and want to play a part in protecting the environment, Surapong said.

VST expects rapid increase in sales of electric motorbikes

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VST expects rapid increase in sales of electric motorbikes

VST expects rapid increase in sales of electric motorbikes


Opal Varunsuda

VST ECS (Thailand) plans to increase its sales of electric motorcycles 600% next year, from 500 this year to 3,000 units in 2003, Somsak Pejthaveeporndej, its CEO said.

Somsak said the company would open its first service centre next year in Bangkok and then add more in 10 provinces.

“This year we will sell about 500 units, and our goal for next year is to sell 3,000 units . We will open a service center on Rom Klao Road and subsequently expand to 10 other provinces,” he said, adding that financing institutions would help consumers purchase electric motorcycles.

Somsak Pejthaveeporndej,Ceo Of VST ECS (Thailand)Somsak Pejthaveeporndej,Ceo Of VST ECS (Thailand)

VST ECS (Thailand) is a subsidiary of Hong Kong-based VST ECS Group, which describes itself as the largest distributor of IT products in the Asia-Pacific region.

VST expects rapid increase in sales of electric motorbikes

Opal Varunsuda

Hyundai hints at joining the fray next year in Thailand’s growing EV market

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Hyundai hints at joining the fray next year in Thailand’s growing EV market

Hyundai hints at joining the fray next year in Thailand’s growing EV market


South Korea’s Hyundai Motor has clearly indicated it will join Thailand’s growing battery electric vehicle (BEV)market, which is getting more popular with the arrival of US-based Tesla EVs.

Hyundai sent the message by showing its Ioniq 6 mid-size BEV sedan at the Thailand International Motor Expo that ended on December 12.

It was the first time that Hyundai had put on show Ioniq 6 in an Asian market. The Ioniq 6 was unveiled at the 2022 Busan International Motor Show in South Korea. Last month, IONIQ 6 achieved the highest overall rating in the New Car Assessment Programme, including adult occupant protection, child occupant protection, pedestrian protection, and safety assistance systems.

During the motor expo, Hyundai also confirmed it would from next year do its own marketing in Thailand via Hyundai Motor (Thailand)’s subsidiary instead of Sojitz (Thailand) Co Ltd that has been distributing Hyundai vehicles in Thailand during the past 15 years.

The display of Ioniq 6 and the announcement that Hyundai would take care of its own market followed the stunning success of Tesla and the impressive booking rate of EVs during the motor expo.

It was reported by several auto news websites that Tesla Thailand had received over 5,000 orders for its Model S sedan EVs and Model Y compact SUVs in just three days after it started receiving the orders on December 7. Each order must be made with a deposit of 4,000 baht, meaning Tesla Thailand has already earned over 20 million in just three days.

The organiser of the motor expo said the EVs made up 15% of all vehicle bookings at the show that saw 36,679 units sold during the 12-day event.

Hyundai hints at joining the fray next year in Thailand’s growing EV marketEVs have become more popular among Thais after the Cabinet approved in principle subsidies ranging from 70,000 baht to 150,000 baht for EV purchases on condition that the EV makers must also make them in Thailand later.

Jun Heo, vice president for sales of Hyundai Asia-Pacific, said Hyundai has invested in building a factory in Indonesia to supply its vehicles to the region.

Hyundai hints at joining the fray next year in Thailand’s growing EV marketHyundai said it will next year import its Stargazer, a mini MPV with seven seats, from Indonesia to sell in Thailand.

So far, Hyundai has not revealed whether it plans to build an assembly factory of EVs in Thailand to be eligible for government’s subsidies.

Motor Expo 2022 sees 42,000 sales, with Toyota, Lambretta topping the charts

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Motor Expo 2022 sees 42,000 sales, with Toyota, Lambretta topping the charts

Motor Expo 2022 sees 42,000 sales, with Toyota, Lambretta topping the charts


Vehicle sales at the Motor Expo 2022 grew 16% from last year to just over 42,000, the organiser said on Tuesday.

A total of 36,679 cars and 6,089 motorcycles were sold during the 13-day fair at Impact Muang Thong Thani in Bangkok, which ended on Sunday, said Kwanchai Paphatphong, organising chairman of the 39th Motor Expo.

Toyota topped the rankings for cars with 6,064 units sold, followed by Honda (3,252), BYD (2,714), Isuzu (2,648), and Nissan (2,478).

For motorcycles, Italian manufacturer Lambretta raced ahead 1,839 units sold, followed by Yamaha (1,408), EM (516), Honda (445) and Royal Enfield (410).

Sport utility vehicles (SUVs) were the most popular cars, accounting for 53.9% of sales, followed by sedans (30.3%) and pickup trucks (11.8%).

For electric vehicles, China’s BYD topped the sales chart followed by NETA and MG.

The average price paid for a car at the fair was 1.34 million baht, while the average motorcycle price was 253,699 baht.

The organiser said Motor Expo 2022 saw over 1.33 million visitors and generated over 51 billion baht in revenue for the auto industry.

Motor Expo 2022 sees 42,000 sales, with Toyota, Lambretta topping the charts

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Tesla sees swift sales in Thailand as consumers snap up over 5,000 units in 3 days

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Tesla sees swift sales in Thailand as consumers snap up over 5,000 units in 3 days

Tesla sees swift sales in Thailand as consumers snap up over 5,000 units in 3 days


American electric vehicle maker Tesla has had a swift start in Thailand, with consumers reserving more than 5,000 units of the two models it is selling here within three days of their debut last week, the company announced on its Thai website on Saturday.

It has been inundated with reservations and questions since opening its website for reservations on December 7 for its Model Y and Model 3 vehicles, said executives at the Thai unit of the world’s largest electric vehicle (EV) maker by market capitalisation.

Tesla Thailand also made headlines this week by announcing it would only require a 4,000-baht deposit for each model. The company also confirmed that the first batch of 1,500 units will be delivered from February.

Tesla sees swift sales in Thailand as consumers snap up over 5,000 units in 3 days

Tesla Model Y has three types, with prices ranging from 1.95 to 2.5 million baht. The more affordable Model 3 also has three types, priced from 1.75 to 2.3 million baht.

Tesla sees swift sales in Thailand as consumers snap up over 5,000 units in 3 days

Tesla has yet to officially join the government’s EV subsidy programme, although the Excise Department said on Friday that it is in talks with Tesla about the programme.

Under the scheme, EV automakers are entitled to subsidies and cuts on import duties of up to 150,000 baht per vehicle priced below 2 million baht, and up to 800,000 baht per vehicle selling for more than 2 million baht.

Department director-general Ekniti Nitithanprapas said on Friday that more than 25,000 EVs will be sold in Thailand this year thanks to the subsidy programme, which has already distributed 81 million baht from its total budget of 2.9 billion baht.

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Thailand 2nd biggest market for Porsche in the world

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Thailand 2nd biggest market for Porsche in the world

Thailand 2nd biggest market for Porsche in the world


Thailand has proved to be the “second biggest” market after Norway when it comes to Porsche’s electrified Cayenne models.

Last year, 70% of the 1,500 Porsche vehicles sold in Thailand were hybrid-powered Cayenne SUVs, a huge jump from the 670 Porsche vehicles sold here in 2020.

Asked to comment on how Porsche, once regarded as a high-end supercar manufacturer with a handful number of sales in Thailand each year, rocketed to become a household name, Peter Rohwer, managing director of Porsche Thailand, attributed the success to modern technology.

“In the past Porsches might have been expensive sports cars to buy, but today new technology such as hybrids and EVs has helped to bring the prices down (due to special tax breaks),” he said, adding that offering engine sizes of no larger than three litres also help in minimizing retail prices. 

Rohwer said Thailand is Porsche’s largest market in Southeast Asia and is the “second best market in the world for electrified Porsche Cayenne vehicles, which is a big achievement.”

Thailand 2nd biggest market for Porsche in the world

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic or the semi-conductor crisis, Porsche has been enjoying increased sales globally. Last year it delivered 301,915 vehicles worldwide, an increase of 11 per cent, while sales in Asia-Pacific markets surged by a record 51 per cent, with strong sales coming from the Taycan EV.

Earlier this year the company also started CKD assembly of the Cayenne in Malaysia, which has helped to lower retail pricing by up to 30 % in Malaysia.

Rohwer says that Porsche is seriously looking at the South East Asian countries, which promise a large customer base as well as investment opportunities, particularly in resources needed for manufacturing EV batteries.

According to Rohwer, who has been working in Thailand for 28 years, today Porsche customers in Thailand are getting younger, with as much as 35 per cent of buyers being female.

Thailand 2nd biggest market for Porsche in the world

“In the past, the average age of Porsche buyers was 55 years old but today it has dropped to 42, which means that there are a lot more customers out there,” he said. “Entrepreneurs are becoming younger and they like a strong image when it comes to the cars they drive.”

That explains a large number of visitors to the Porsche booth at the ongoing Thailand International Motor Expo. A total of 11 Porsche models are being displayed and sold at the event, which goes on until December 12 at Challenger IMPACT Muangthong Thani.
But in fact, first-time Porsche buyers need not even go for new cars, Rohwer said. 

“Used Porsches are also available for 2-3 million Baht, such as the Macan or Cayenne,” he said. “The 718 is the entry model and if you can afford a used one, it will be your entry into the Porsche world.” AAS Autoservice co. ltd offers 15 years Porsche factory pre-owned warranty.

Rohwer says the typical Porsche customer doesn’t have just one, but two to three Porsches.

“They love cars, love driving,” he said. “And we sell dreams, dreams that come true. Good dreams.”

Tesla cruises into Thai market

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Tesla cruises into Thai market

Tesla cruises into Thai market


Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla entered the Thai market today, offering two models at starting prices of less than 2 million baht each, according to an announcement on its website.

The EV pioneer had hinted in November that it would enter the Thai market this month.

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On Wednesday, Tesla began accepting reservations for its Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, saying deliveries will begin gradually in February next year. Reservations can only be made through its website.

It released the following price list (excluding autopilot and full self-driving options) for the two models:

Model 3

  • Single motor (rear-wheel drive): 1.759 million baht
  • Long range (dual motor, all-wheel drive): 1.999 million baht
  • Performance (dual motor, all-wheel drive): 2.309 million baht
Tesla cruises into Thai market

Model Y

  • Single motor (rear-wheel drive): 1.959 million baht
  • Long range (dual motor, all-wheel drive): 2.259 million baht
  • Performance (dual motor, all-wheel drive): 2.509 million baht
Tesla cruises into Thai market

Purchases include a four-year (or 80,000km) warranty for the vehicle and an eight-year warranty for the battery (160,000km for rear-wheel drive and 192,000km for all-wheel drive).

Tesla also announced it will open its flagship store and its first car-delivery and service centre in the first quarter of next year. It will also open 10 charging stations in Thailand next year, it said.

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New Lamborghini SUV packs superior aerodynamics and luxury

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New Lamborghini SUV packs superior aerodynamics and luxury

New Lamborghini SUV packs superior aerodynamics and luxury


Opal Varunsuda

A new sports SUV, Lamborghini Urus Performante, was officially launched at Muang Thong Thani’s Challenger Hall by Renazzo Motor, Thailand’s official Lamborghini distributor.

The Lamborghini Urus Performante, which promises higher performance and a more thrilling driving experience, starts at 25.49 million baht.

The Lamborghini Urus Performante starts at 25.49 million baht.The Lamborghini Urus Performante starts at 25.49 million baht.

The SUV boasts superior aerodynamics through modifications, additions, or substantive alterations to the front bumper panels and the hood’s air vents. Carbon fibre wheel arches lower the height by 2cm, all contributing to improved aerodynamics. When travelling at high speeds, it can reduce the weight of the car by up to 47kg.

Francesco Scardaoni, CEO of Automobili Lamborghini Asia PacificFrancesco Scardaoni, CEO of Automobili Lamborghini Asia PacificFrancesco Scardaoni, CEO of Automobili Lamborghini Asia Pacific, said that Lamborghini is penetrating a new customer segment. This model is can be utilised in everyday situations, and even as a family car. This feature is expected to significantly broaden the market base for this car model, the CEO said.

“The Urus Performante elevates driving performance. And the SUV Lamborghini looks even more luxurious, while still being suitable for use for many different purposes. It’s a dream car in every way,” he added.

New Lamborghini SUV packs superior aerodynamics and luxuryThe Urus Performante also highlights the usage of composite materials. This makes it the automobile with the most carbon fibre in its segment. It is still retains the concept of a sports car, fast and very safe, he said, adding it emphasised a distinct sporting vibe with a large hood and bumper.

New Lamborghini SUV packs superior aerodynamics and luxuryCarbon fibre air vents in the same colour as the car have been added. The unique feature is that clients can select to display the carbon fibre design. A carbon fibre roof is also available, as with the Huracán Performante and Super Trofeo supercars.

New Lamborghini SUV packs superior aerodynamics and luxuryHe said the Urus Performante has a variety of driving models to fit the customer’s needs and preferences, such as:

Strada: Offers a smooth and comfortable ride

Sport: It heightens aggressiveness. The rear-wheel steering system improves manoeuvrability and stability at low and high speeds.

Corsa: Offers maximum control to match the rigours of tough competition in terms of both stability and speed when driving at high speeds. Active stabiliser bars improve turning performance. The Lamborghini super sports car distinguishes itself both for the driver and everyone on the track from the strong sound emanating from the exhaust pipe.

Rally: This new driving option offers strong off-road driving because of its anti-roll bars and shock absorbers. It has been enhanced to match the spring operation, even when running on difficult surfaces.

New Lamborghini SUV packs superior aerodynamics and luxury
New Lamborghini SUV packs superior aerodynamics and luxury
New Lamborghini SUV packs superior aerodynamics and luxury
New Lamborghini SUV packs superior aerodynamics and luxury

Opal Varunsuda

Triumph Motorcycles introduces ten Chrome Collection models

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Triumph Motorcycles introduces ten Chrome Collection models

Triumph Motorcycles introduces ten Chrome Collection models


Triumph’s fans will be delighted by a wide range of motorcycle models from all segments, as well as irresistible promotions, at “Motor Expo 2022”

Triumph Motorcycles is gearing up for the end-of-the-year celebration at Motor Expo 2022. The Triumph Chrome Collection, which includes 10 limited edition Bonneville and Rocket 3 motorcycle models, will be unveiled at the event. It comes with a new Chrome Edition accessory kit, as well as the signature hand-crafted and distinctive chrome scheme that completely reflects the Triumph DNA. The event is an exclusive opportunity for fans to get up close and personal with these limited editions, which are available for one year only.

Reservations are now open for the first time at Motor Expo 2022. Many special offers make it easier to own any Triumph motorcycle model shown at the event. Among the offers are a down payment promotion starting at 0 baht and receiving a financial offer of up to 85 thousand baht, as well as a plan with 0% interest for up to four years. Free accessories worth more than 92.690 thousand baht are included with the purchase of the All-New Tiger 1200. There are also special promotions offering up to 70% off clothing collections. Visitors to the Triumph booth can also participate in fun activities and photograph themselves in the Triumph British Corner.

Triumph Motorcycles introduces ten Chrome Collection models
Triumph Motorcycles introduces ten Chrome Collection models

Chinsak Kittiamonkul, Commercial Operations Manager of Triumph Motorcycles (Thailand) Limited, said, “At Motor Expo 2022, Triumph surprises everyone with the release of the “Triumph Chrome Collection,” which includes ten incredible limited-edition motorcycle models, each with a beautifully hand-crafted and distinctive look. The legendary Bonneville and the world’s top Rocket 3 motorcycle models come with a one-of-a-kind hand-crafted chrome fuel tank, as well as a new Chrome Edition accessory kit available for a limited time – one year only. These limited editions honour the artistry and craftsmanship that is at the heart of Triumph’s DNA.”

Among the ten limited-edition motorcycle models unveiled at Motor Expo 2022 are:

Rocket 3 R Chrome Edition

Rocket 3 R Chrome Edition is the world’s largest capacity production 2500cc three-cylinder engine motorcycle that comes with real beauty in monochrome. The flawless full chrome fuel tank with its Jet Black accent is complemented by Jet Black mudguards, headlight bowls, front mudguard, fly screen, radiator cowls, side panels, and rear bodywork. The Matt Aluminium upper radiator cowl and fork guards provide a stunning contrast against the black engine and bodywork. At the price of 1.015 million baht.

Triumph Motorcycles introduces ten Chrome Collection models
Triumph Motorcycles introduces ten Chrome Collection models
Triumph Motorcycles introduces ten Chrome Collection models
Triumph Motorcycles introduces ten Chrome Collection models

Rocket 3 GT Chrome Edition

The Rocket 3 GT redefined the cruiser category. Its 2500cc three-cylinder engine blends seamlessly with the flawless full chrome tank in eye-catching Diablo Red. Jet Black headlight bowls, fly screen, front mudguard, radiator cowls, side panels and rear bodywork complement the lustrous red and chrome perfectly, while Matt Aluminium Silver fork guards and upper radiator cowls highlight the stunning lines and tie-in beautifully with the matching exhausts and intakes. At price of 1,045,000 baht

Bonneville T120 Chrome Edition

This stunning 1200cc Bonneville model features a flawlessly chromed fuel tank and an iconic and distinctive Meriden Blue painted surround, which is beautifully offset by the contrasting Jet Black mudguards, headlight bowl, and side panels. A matching Meriden Blue fly screen is also available as an accessory to complete the look and improve long-ride comfort, which also features in the dedicated accessory Kit. At price 596,000 baht

Bonneville Bobber Chrome Edition

In perfect contrast to its blacked-out attitude and style, the new 1200cc Bonneville Bobber Chrome Edition features an elegant chrome fuel tank, beautifully finished with a Jet Black overlay and delicately detailed Triumph triangle badges. Distinguished and distinctive, this monochrome makeover is complemented by Jet Black mudguards and side panels featuring the distinctive Bobber logo. A matching Jet Black short front mudguard is available as an accessory option. At price 635,000 baht

Scrambler 1200 XE Chrome Edition

The Scrambler 1200 XE Chrome Edition is powered by the torque-rich 1200cc Bonneville parallel twin engine. Its flawless full chrome fuel tank features a Brooklands Green painted stripe which incorporates the Triumph triangle tank badges. Brushed aluminium mudguards and silencer heat shields complement the tank perfectly while the headlight bowl and side panels are finished in deep Jet Black. It also comes with a hand-picked set of accessories, all of which are available to view on the Triumph configurator. At price 700,000 baht

Bonneville Speedmaster Chrome Edition

The new 1200cc Bonneville Speedmaster Chrome Edition is a stunning and beautiful reimagination of Triumph’s British custom classic icon. The exquisitely crafted limited edition chrome tank with its eye-catching Diablo Red surround makes sure this bike stands out in a crowd. Jet Black mudguards, side panels, and a headlight bowl frame this work of art perfectly, offering a rich contrast to the flawless chrome. A short front mudguard, in matching Jet Black, is also available as an accessory for added custom style, as well as a hand-selected set of chrome accessories. At price 635,000 baht

Thruxton RS Chrome Edition

Powered by the legendary 1200cc Bonneville parallel twin engine, the Thruxton RS Chrome Edition makes a bold new statement as the pinnacle in cafe racer style and the most focused Triumph modern classic look. Its full chrome tank in a classic signature shape is flawlessly finished and accented with a finely detailed and upscale Jet Black painted seam. Jet Black mudguards, side panels, seat cowl, and headlight bowl contrast beautifully against the bright chrome. A matching Jet Black accessory cockpit fairing is also available bringing even more custom style and wind protection to this stunning cafe racer, which also features in the dedicated accessory kit. At price of 714 thousand baht

Bonneville T100 Chrome Edition

The 900cc Bonneville T100 Chrome Edition features a contemporary Cobalt Blue fuel tank with unique Chrome Edition metal stripe detailing. And, complementing this stunning centrepiece, the mudguards, side panels and headlamp bowl are all finished in rich Jet Black. To add even more practicality and custom style, a matching Cobalt Blue fly screen is available as an accessory option, which also features in the dedicated accessory kit. At price 477 thousand baht

Speed Twin 900 Chrome Edition

Powered by the 900cc Bonneville twin engine, Triumph’s best-selling modern classic Speed Twin 900 Chrome Edition is set apart by its rich Red Hopper scheme across the tank with elegant Jet Black stripe and eye-catching Chrome Edition metal knee pad infills, matching its new Triumph triangle tank badges with metal detailing. Jet Black side panels with new red and silver graphics and Jet Black mudguards provide the perfect balance to this beautifully bold limited edition. A matching Red Hopper accessory fly screen is available to complete the custom classic look, which also features in the dedicated accessory kit. At the price of 414 thousand baht

Scrambler 900 Chrome Edition

Powered by the high torque 900cc Bonneville engine, the Scrambler 900 Chrome Edition brings a distinctive Brooklands Green fuel tank with a classic Jet Black tank stripe and bold Chrome Edition metal knee pad infills. Triumph triangle badges with metal detailing provide the tank’s finishing touch, while the mudguards, side panels, and frame cowl are finished in Jet Black.  A Jet Black high mudguard and a Brooklands Green fly screen are both available as matching accessories. At the price of 484 thousand baht

“The ultimate adventure motorcycle range, the all-new Tiger 1200, will also be on display, including the latest top-of-the-line models Tiger 1200 Rally Pro and Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer which have been developed to include the best in all. A powerful new 1160cc triple engine provides more power and torque for outstanding performance. They are designed to be lighter and more streamlined in appearance, with more than 25kg lighter than the previous generation and an all-new comprehensive technology package. There are many Triumph masterpieces to see at this year’s Motor Expo,” said Chinsak.    

“Both models come with three years unlimited mileage warranty, with the option to extend, high service intervals: 16 thousand km / 12 months, as well as free 24-hour roadside assistance (Triumph Roadside Assistance) for the first two years.”

The Tiger 1200 Rally Pro costs 972 thousand baht, while the Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer costs 1.039 million baht. Both models are available in three colour options: Snowdonia White, Sapphire Black, and Matt Khaki. Those interested can visit the Triumph booth at the event to enjoy the experience and learn more.

Furthermore, to add joy at the end-of-the-year season, inside the Triumph booth will be a variety of highlights for everyone to come and closely experience, such as a historic display of 26 Triumph motorcycle models from every segment, a very special promotion with a down payment of 0 baht and financing offers of up to 85 thousand baht or a 0% interest plan for up to 4 years. A special offer is available for purchasing the All-New Tiger 1200 with free accessories worth more than 92.690 thousand baht. Last but not least, a complete range of Triumph-inspired clothing collections is discounted by up to 70%.

Visitors to the Triumph British Corner can enjoy fun activities and share photos that make you feel like you’re in the United Kingdom. Experience the new collection of beautifully hand-crafted and distinctive limited-edition motorcycles, as well as a variety of promotions, at The 39th Thailand International Motor Expo 2022 at Triumph Booth G11, Challenger Hall 3, Impact Muang Thong Thani, between December 1 and 12, 2022.